Visit West Virginia Home of Mountains and Rivers, Beauty and Serenity

When you think of a family vacation, I’d bet the last place you think of is West Virginia. When most of us think of West Virginia we think of mountain people, coal mines, and the Hatfields and McCoys.

Well it is time to really take a good look at West Virginia. It is one of the most beautiful states we have and for about fifty percent of the population of the east coast it is only one day to one and one half days travel. This beautiful state has so many things that you and your family can enjoy, from the beautiful mountains and sparkling rivers and lakes to white water rafting down the new river gorge as well as there numerous state parks. 

One such example is the Monongahela state park. It is a quiet and secluded wonderful place to escape the crowds. Most of the roads are gravel two lane roads so slowing down and enjoying the scenery is just automatic.

There are many small towns and communities scattered throughout the forest so finding affordable restaurants and motels and other amenities is very easy. The Allegheny front of the Appalachian Mountains shapes the character of the forest and the abundant fast moving water shapes the mountains themselves.

The Monongahela State Park has five major river streams and many smaller streams flowing through it. In the spring when the rivers are high is when the white water rafting enthusiasts come out and it is in the summer when the flow of the water is slow that is the perfect time for slow lazy rafting and canoe trips to enjoy the beautiful peaks and valleys. A few other activities that the park offers are hiking, horse back riding, mountain biking, camping, bird watching, caving, rock climbing, and several wilderness areas as well. The Monongahela State Park is also rich in American Civil War history with many points of interest available through their brochures.

In the small town of Slaty Fork there is a wonderful trail ride called the Gauley Mountain Ride which runs along an old logging- era rail road grade through a path of red spruce and hard wood trees. It is a ten-mile ride out then back on a smooth narrow dirt trail. There are so many, many more things to do and see in West Virginia far too many for one article to mention. This state is a Mecca of things to entertain your entire family from the grand parents right on down to your youngest child. So get on that computer, do some research and make West Virginia your next family adventure.

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