Using a Folding Bicycle in Central London

For your regular suburban occupant folding bikes unquestionably are a most appropriate way to travel around town. With many Londoners living in flats and apartments with minimal space for storage a foldable cycle is normally much more convenient when compared to a standard sized cycle. The bikes fold up rapidly and are generally small enough to be tucked away at home or carried on public transport during the times that ordinary cycles are prohibited on account of overcrowding.

Folding bikes may be taken on the underground, taken on buses and even taken on TfL’s Tramlink system. Officially the bikes may need to be in a lightweight bag but in practice Transport for London rarely apply this and if they do then a pair of black binliners will suffice. A folder will allow an individual to get around the train companies’ cycle restrictions and it is possible to also take your folding bike home in a minicab on a Friday night following a few bevies at the pub!

There are plenty of models of folders out there, from top makers which include Halfords, Strider, Dawes, Brompton, and Raleigh. Each model has its own benefits and down sides, so make sure to take a look at the specifics on all of the models within your price range. Many manufacturer’s sites have specification evaluation charts to help you see instantly the information that interests you.

Folding bikes offer different types of designs, each with their own specifications. Frames, brakes and wheels differ according to the design of bike you select. MTBs and racing bikes are also available as folding bikes. These are perfect if you have only a little space but wish to take up riding a bike as a new sport in the greenery that surrounds London or in one of the Royal Parks where cycling is allowed for example , Regent’s Park or Richmond Park.

A lot of people regard the folded dimensions of bike as the key feature of a folding bike. When space is at a premium, or you have to keep your bike below a desk at work, you may need a compact bike. Measure the dimensions of the space where your bike is going to be stored so you can see easily which bikes will fit into the available space.

The weight of the bike may also be a significant factor for those going on the London Tube or buses. In order for you to carry your bike on and off public transport, a lightweight bike is likely to make it a lot easier. You’ll discover the weight of the bike detailed in the manufacturer’s specifications.

As you can’t fold wheels up you’ll see all folding bikes have small diameter wheels.. Some manufacturers have added a suspension system to their folding bikes to counteract the rough ride that smaller wheels can give. So it might be worth paying a bit more for a bike with suspension to give you extra comfort if you are anxious about a back injury being irritated by the potholes of the London streets.

Prices of cycles vary, so planning what amount you would like to shell out is a good place to start. Although most bike riders who use folding bikes will claim that the money they save on car or transport expenditures far exceeds their initial outlay on their folder. Folding bikes are the same as regular cycles; the more you pay the better the quality of bike you’ll receive. That is not to say you can’t find a bike to your liking within budget, there are plenty of affordable folding bikes available. If you are wanting a bargain, check the prices for last year’s designs or look for discounts on second hand websites such as Folding Bikes For Sale. There are so many to select from so there will definitely be a folding bike available for you to benefit from in London.

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