Travelling Tips to Make Your Trip Perfect

Anyone that has ever traveled knows what motion sickness is. Many may have experienced it at one time or another, whether traveling by land, sea or air. Motion sickness can be different with different types of travel, but the most common type of motion sickness is seasickness. Seasickness, characterized by nausea and lightheadedness, is very common when traveling on a ship.

A person may enjoy traveling by sea but still experience seasickness, caused by the motions made by the boat swaying through the waves. In addition, their bodies are not conditioned for the different movements it’s going through while on the ship. For some individuals, the boat doesn’t even have to be moving for them to feel sick. Many start to feel nauseous as they are stepping onto the ship. Becoming seasick isn’t very serious, but it can be very bothersome if you have some place to go or something important to take care of while on the ship.

The causes of seasickness are movement as well as visual disorientation. Once cause is when the ship moves and changes direction and velocity a great distance or amount. Another cause is when our body feels the movement, but our eye can’t see it. The result is seasickness. Seasickness is so common today that there are many effective medications that can help. As uncomfortable as seasickness makes people feel, many continue to travel on ships. There are some useful tips to help.

It is important to keep the center of gravity on your feet by not confusing the body. Our bodies are used to being in an upright position because the center of gravity is in our feet. When the ship begins to move, the body has visual disorder or confusion. Do not stare at the waves as this may make you feel more nauseous and make it harder for the body to keep the center of gravity on the feet. Many choose to look at the horizon or not look out the window at all.

You many want to take some medication for seasickness before you get on the ship just in case. There are many products on the market for seasickness. Your pharmacist may be able to assist you in choosing the most effective medication. Try to sit where you have access to fresh air quickly. Also, if lying down, try to lie down on your back.

An interesting fact is that seasickness is more common in adults than with children under the age of twelve. It is also more common with females than males. In fact, the ratio is 9:1.

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