Traveling To Ecuador for Medical Services

A relative small country located in South America, bordered in the north with Colombia, in the South and east with Peru and to the west with the Pacific Ocean, has a population of 14 million people and 256.000 square kilometers. The local currency since 2000 is the US Dollar, which gives travelers coming from the United States a convenience way to pay and manage local prices. The official language is Spanish. English is widely understood in mayor cities and tourist areas.


Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the home of the Galapagos Islands, pristine, white, sandy virgin beaches and national parks scattered along her Pacific coastline.  Visitors to Ecuador may enjoy swimming in warm sea waters year round, or venture into the higher mountain ranges for hiking, backpacking, bicycle riding, or just to enjoy the vistas.


Visitors to Ecuador also have a wealth of opportunities to explore the Amazon jungle, its beauties, dangers and unique culinary opportunities. The people of Ecuador are extremely friendly and welcoming to tourists and foreigners, regardless of their origin.


Medical Tourism in Ecuador
People don’t just come to Ecuador to see beautiful sights, but also for their burgeoning medical tourism industry. Facilities like Med Travel Ecuador make traveling to Ecuador for fun and health care easy and enjoyable. “We promote the most competitive medical procedures and technologies not only in Ecuador but South America,” says Pablo Calisto, Director of Med Travel Ecuador. “We’ve partnered with outstanding medical providers and facilities and the largest corporate travel agency in Ecuador to provide the best of both to individuals seeking quality and affordable medical services.”


Tours of Quito Old Town are offered by a variety of tour and travel agents and operators, offering visitors to chance to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through some of the oldest and most beautiful architecture in South America. Travelers can also walk portions of Old Town, discovering and admiring centuries old churches covered with gold dust in their altars, streets still lined with colonial houses and popular plazas where visitors can sit and watch locals. From the Plaza de la Independencia to the Government Palace, Quito Old Colonial City offers visitors a variety of sights, sounds, and exciting opportunities to taste diverse street or restaurant food throughout the city.


Feast your eyes and your imagination on ancient Incan ruins. A country with a rich and diverse history and culture, Ecuador offers a variety of adventures, landmarks, and scenic delights to please individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


When traveling in Ecuador, don’t forget to visit the Chimborazo volcano, with 6.268 meters above see level, the highest summit in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun on earth, nor the spectacular vistas of driving the Quilotoa Loop through the Andes Mountains. The more adventuresome will find a wealth of horseback riding, surfing, hiking and mountaineering opportunities, while city lovers will certainly enjoy the architecture and culture in Ecuador’s museums, restaurants, and hotel facilities and accommodations.


Getting There
It’s easy to travel to Ecuador. All you need is a passport and a ticket. No visa is necessary for American citizens, and there are plenty of direct daily flights from Atlanta, Houston, Miami and New York to Quito (capital) or Guayaquil (port) you can enter Ecuador from her neighboring countries of Peru and Colombia or via international routes to her airports as long as your passport documents are in order. You can also enter by foot or bicycle if you wish. To see dozens of animal, insects, or avian wildlife as you never have before, or to hike the Galapagos Islands, climb a volcano, or go swimming in crystal clear waters, a visit to Ecuador offers travelers what they’re looking for. Friendly, warm, and always exciting, Ecuador is a place you will enjoy and never forget.


“Ecuador is a warm, friendly country that offers more than beautiful landscapes and beach getaways,” says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, an international medical resource for international travelers. “We’re happy to join our efforts with Med Travel to offer medical travelers around the world the best in medical services, procedures and technologies for optimal health and wellness.”

MEDTRAVEL Ecuador is your medical travel partner to obtain top quality surgical or dental care while you enjoy Quito or travel within Ecuador (South America). We assure you excellent medical services offered by our healthcare providers during your medical vacation.

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