Travel to the Albanian Coast!

Albania is a beautiful country on the southeast of the Adriatic Sea with a vast coastline. While travelling to Albania, you will be able to experience and enjoy the Mediterranean way of life. Albania is a great place to visit with its beautiful landscapes and coastal lines. The native people of Albania follow eclectic religion and they have a historically important colorful culture to be explored.

Although Albania is a poor country, it is picking itself fast up to gather more and more tourists to gain economic profits. Albania has a great coastal line along with the Adriatic Sea and it is surrounded by many beautiful beaches such as Velopja and Shen Gjni in northern Albania.

The biggest and most attractive beach of Albania is the Durres and Golem Beach. Albania is becoming popular destination for pleasure travelers because of the high quality of sand beaches it contains.

There is a wide range of lagoons on the Albanian coast. Karvasta is one of the most famous lagoons in the world. Karvasta Lagoons is also a declared National Park.

The Loanian coast of Albania is also very popular with the great picturesque scenes and tranquility it offers to the tourists. The beaches at the Ionian coast of Albania are quite famous for water sports and diving activities like scuba diving, spearfishing, and surfing and parasailing. Apart from that, one can also enjoy freestyle swimming, sailing and strolling in the sea waters. Beach volleyball is another game that can be enjoyed at the beaches of Albania in a greatly enticing manner. Adventurous people may also take part in deep diving activities like snorkeling.

Albania is also preferred as the best tourist spot to enjoy one’s vacation because of the excellent and tourist friendly atmosphere and weather. During the summer days, the temperature that is felt during the day is similar to the coldness which is felt during the night.

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