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Every country has its secrets. For a real traveler, the most challenging part of a voyage is finding all those places that you cannot find in any travel guide. So, if you think you’re a traveler not just a tourist, this article is for you. Think about a country in EU that you know almost nothing about. Ok, it is probably Romania. Now that you’ve found the most unknown place in Europe, let’s explore its secrets.

If you travel to Romania, most probably you’ll buy a guide that will lead you to the most important travel destinations, like: the Danube Delta, The Painted Monasteries, Brasov, the capital Bucharest, the Black Sea, Peles Castle or Sinaia, you’ll be looking for Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania and you’ll discover that Bran Castle is not really Dracula’s Castle but it’s still an amazing place to be.

But I’m sure you want to see more than the mainstream touristic destinations. So here it is: if you travel a few hours East from the capital Bucharest, you will find the Muddy Volcanoes of Berca – mud bubbling volcanoes bringing gas out on the surface from 3 km below the ground; it is a spectacular lunar landscape that will make you feel out of this World. Nearby you’ll find the Endless fire of Lopatari, flames are coming out from the ground. In Bucsani, one hour north from the capital Bucharest you will will be able to see the beautiful wisent, the European bison, a rare species that once used to live in wilderness all across Europe. In Maramures, you will find Sighet, the prison where Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator used to lock the intellectual elite of Romania. Also in Maramures, you’ll find the Merry Cemetery, probably the only one of its kind in the World. Slanic Salina is another place you need to see: the largest salt mine on the continent looks like an underground cathedral. If you’re in Romania in October, you have to be in Iasi, the capital of Moldavia to see the largest pilgrimage in Romania: over one million pilgrims gather to see the relics of an important saint. Around Brasov, Romania, one of the most important cities for Romanian tourism, you’ll find a little village called Sona, where you can see 30m high clay pyramids, built thousand of years ago; nobody has any idea how did they get there. If you travel to the center of Transylvania, you will find a church that lays on the bottom of a lake. And you can end your Romanian holiday with a trip across the Carpathians, following one of the most spectacular roads in Europe: Transfagarasan.

If you travel to Romania you should spend a few days in the Danube Delta, the largest in EU and one of the most remote area of the continent.The Delta is located where Danube meets the Black Sea. Romania is home to more than a third of all the mineral water of Europe and therefore home to a large number of Spa Resorts.

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