The Country Of Albania – One Of The Globe’s Most Absorbing Getaway Destinations

For those that travel often, it is no secret that some of the most popular destinations to visit are tainted by the tourists that travel there. Many of these places begin to cater towards these visitors and much of the authentic vibe becomes quickly lost. However, there are places like Albania that escape this trap and remain true to their roots. These places are off the beaten path and remain unscathed by industrialization and tourism. If you’d like to visit a genuine destination, Albania is a great choice, just make certain that your passport is up to date. Keep in mind that you can get online United States passport services with little hassle.

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Albania is naturally beautiful, and it’s renowned for its biological diversity. It’s home to some of the most endangered species in the world, including the Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Dalmatian Pelican. The country borders both the Ionian Sea and the Adraitic Sea, creating miles upon miles of coastline to soak up the sun, go swimming, or see some of the beautiful underwater landscapes and its inhabitants by diving. Their are mountains for hiking and beautiful fields for picnics. Whatever sort of natural experience you want to have, you can do it in Albania.

The history of Albania is very long, and there are extensive archaeological sites that can take you back to Albania’s beginnings. Phoinike was once a wealthy city under the Epirus kingdom. Within this city, the end of the Macedonian War was officially signed. The city was prosperous for ten centuries. The ancient city of Lissos is a mountaintop structure overlooking a river. This city has seen its share of history, including an occupation by Caesar. Oricum is another archaeological site. It used to be a large thriving city, complete with its own amphitheater. There are so, so many ancient sites to explore, and visiting them really is enough to take your breath away.

In terms of archeological sites, you may want to take a stop by the once wealthy city Phoinike which was under the Epirus Kingdom. The Macedonian War officially ended here when a treaty was signed. Also, Lissos is another amazing place to visit because it is atop a mountain over looking a river. It is so amazing that Cesar even decided to occupy it. Oricum is yet another archaeological site that used to be a thriving city that even had its very own amphitheater. All in all, there are so many unique places to visit you may become overwhelmed.

There is really so much to do in Albania. Deciding is the hard part, but you really can’t chose wrong. Just don’t forget about getting your passports. Remember that you can get passports now by going online and using online American passport expediting services. Remember that they can get you an adult passport as well as an infant American passport as quickly as you need it.

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