The Abnormal Festivals in Japan.

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by saeru

Japan is a strange country with lots of abnormal habitudes and today I`ll show you some interesting things about it.

Each summer day from 1st july to 15th you can hear shouting voice of OHYEEZA full of the street and with the sound you can see bands of man raising a decoration like a mount with their butt naked. Other people stand beside the road sides and keep on Throwing the water from the barrel to those naked men. Once they are splashed the voices turn to be louder and louder. This is the naked butt festival in Japan.

Well, if you say the naked butt is quite normal i would like to introduce you another funny day in Japan – the belly button day. On this day people paint different colors arround their belly button and are stripped to the waist. They walk to the street dancing and singing.

This is a quite ease day for all the children and old. mostly people there hold this activity for blessing. We talked about the summer day above and the last festival i`d like to share you is i-house an activity which is some kind of temple fair in China evolved from chilling-out at summer day. But anyhow with some reasons this kind of little activities are quite famous among the young Japanese.

In recently days in Japan some western holidays like Christmas day Valentine’s day are more popular than the traditional festivals among the youngers. Multiple cutures gathered into this small country conflicting and integrating which are quite suitable things for the young people. Japan a country full of opporunities and challenges, we will pay more attentions on this special country.

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