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Medical Tourism in Israel


When a patient reaches the decision to have surgery abroad, the easy part is behind him as now he must start the difficult task of deciding on the medical destination followed by choosing the hospital he will want to undergo treatment in.

There are a lot of factors one must take under consideration and look into while going through the process of finding the suitable place. The short version is that you must check countries, hospitals and doctors. The longer version will include looking into hospitals track records and facilities, doctors’ experience and specialties, countries political status and inner stability and of course, cultural and language factors as well as the physical proximity to your home country...


Travel and Tourism in Accra!!!

Capital City of Ghana

If you are planning to travel across Africa and some of the famous and worldwide known destinations, then plan to visit Accra, the capital and the biggest city of Ghana with her astonishing hot spots considered to be a source of fun utilization and recreation. The weather of this stupefying city is tropical Savanna having both types of wet and dry seasons which acts as an invitation for the travelers and tourists to visit the entire city in a comfortable way. If you are traveling to Ghana for the first time in your life you will find this destination more watchful and welcoming especially for the family tour in holidays. This is one of the reasons that thousands of travelers each year travel to this well developed destination of Ghana through their c...


Washington DC Travel and Tourism Sites!!!

Washington DC has the capacity to entertain all types of visitors. Whether you like to go to historical museums and land marks, art galleries, theatres, amusement parks, or trendy hotels and restaurants Washington will serve you more than you expected from it. By taking you Washington DC flights you will be welcomed to a list of sites of tourist’s interest. The choice of the sites to visit depends upon tourist’s interest. There are number of travel agencies that will be providing you guided tour to some of the best sites of this big city.


Lincoln Memorial: This memorial symbolizes the freedom of United States of America. It is built in the memory of Abraham Lincoln who saved the union...


Taj Mahal India Travel Tourism

Info on Taj Mahal

A magnum opus ever built in India for the sake of love, is the beautiful Taj Mahal. Its exquisite architecture  has stood and surpassed the ravages of time. Millions of tourists have been received each year by the stunning Taj. And everyone been there, has soaked in its ravishing beauty, so much so that either someones becomes a poet, or a composer or a singer or a painter. Even Mumtaz would have so happy to see her dream come true in such an extravagant way. The metaphors given to it fall short to completely describe the beauty of Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal Travel

Frequented by visitors tremendously and continuously over years, the tourism of Taj Mahal has boosted up the Indian tourism industry also...


Regain Tourism Industry In Northern Mariana Islands By Protecting The Environment Through Dumpster R

The Northern Mariana Islands, officially known as the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a commonwealth in political union with the United States, occupying a strategic region of the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 15 Islands. The economy of the Industry majorly depends on the tourism industry.

The advent of technology has made the world the global village. An issue that is happening in a location is no more restricted to that particular area. It has its impacts spread across the world. Similarly, trash disposal was the problem limited to industrialized areas where people were unable to concentrate on proper trash disposal problems either due to their busy schedules or due to careless...


South Korea Tourism

To arrange a good and memorable trip to South Korea, it is advised to read travel guides about this beautiful country, and then contact a local travel professional who may help you organize this tour in the most effective way for reasonable money.

South Korea has a lot of natural places to be observed and historical landmarks to enjoy. The country plays an important role in the protection of the heritage of world culture and natural attractions. Apart from that, it is considered a hospitable place for foreigners and a perspective tourism destination.

In the south-east of the country, one will find Bulguksa monastery and the Seokguram cave temple adjacent to it...


Cyprus Tourism Gains Ground in the UK and Germany

Three surveys recently released by the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) show that Cyprus is making gains as a tourist option for UK and German residents. The survey specifically noted the special interest tourism market, of which Cyprus has a 5% share in Germany and a 4% share in Britain. In terms of overall ranking for special interest travel, Cyprus is 12th among UK tourists and 16th among Germans.

Despite not be in the top 10 in either country, Cypriot tourist officials are pleased with the survey’s results because they show the Mediterranean island country making gains. Cyprus has faced terrible financial problems over the last 18 months; problems that have only been exacerbated by complaints of the nation’s infrastructure...