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Sweden Best Beaches

Sweden is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund. Most of Sweden has temperate climate with four distinct seasons and mild temperature throughout the year. It mainly hosts three climates oceanic climate, humid continental climate and subarctic climate.

It is warm and drier than other countries based on same latitude; because of its high latitude length of daylight varies greatly. Snowfall occurs from December through March in Southern Sweden.

Smedsuddsbadet: Smedsuddsbadet is really sandy beach, located near capital. “Located on Kungsholmen (metro: Fridhemsplan) by the calm waters of Riddarfjärden, the beach is very popular with locals and is perfect for al fresco lunching.” Says thelocalse.

Skutberget: located on northern shore of Lake Vanern, this is ...


Study In Sweden, Dubai, Or Malaysia For Awesome International Exposure

The last one decade or so witnessed the rising outflow of students to different foreign destinations across 6 continents, namely North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Thanks to globalization and liberalized visa regulations, students are no longer reluctant to travel outside for higher studies. Studying abroad has its own specialty that can be realized only by being physically present there. This article has highlighted the potentiality of a number of upcoming study destinations like Sweden, Dubai and Malaysia.

Pupils who want to study in Sweden can come across multiple advantages in the form of globally acclaimed universities, reasonable costs of study, and blend of so many cultures...


Hotels In Stockholm Where The Lakes Meet The Sea And Travel Ideas About Sweden


If you ask a person who has visited Sweden particularly Stockholm the first two things they would say is that this city is modern ” and beautiful. The truth is Stockholm is one of the remarkable global cities in Scandinavia where you can go for shopping, see museums and enjoy your stay at fabulous standard hotels. This city is also internationally known as a city of modern arts and music. Stockholm has a vibrant cultural life and has a great historical background. If you wish to visit this modern city in Scandinavia, book a room at Expedia and get ready to enjoy your trip to Sweden and this wonderful city. Make sure to visit the traditional Swedish restaurants and taste the Swedish drink and Swedish cheese...