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Survivor: Philippines

by teodorico t. haresco


The Philippines is a survivor, surmounting challenges on our own in past centuries, without outside help. Leapfrogs in progress, achieved despite cultural, political, or economic hindrances, show we can weather turmoil. This certainly applies in the current global economic meltdown. Characteristically, we will survive.


Formed in early 16th century colonial times, when formerly united coastal peoples in Sumatra, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, and Sulu-Mindanao broke from an archipelagic whole into separate states – the latter becoming part of the Philippines. As one of Asia’s youngest members in this Pacific Century, we stand to gain the most, being the most resilient, having learned from our older “siblings”.




Survivor Micronesia : Jonny Fairplay Explains Himself

Just recently, Johnny Fairplay stirred things up on the Survivor series when he asked everyone vote him out of the game. It was too hard to believe at first, many viewers even though that it was just a joke or a scheme, but when the episode ended, it proved to be real. The biggest villain on the reality series became the first person to leave the game. His reasons were clearly stated. Fairplay admitted to missing his girlfriend terribly and worrying about their newborn daughter, Piper Addison. In an interview with reporters, Fairplay explained his side of the story and answered questions regarding his early exit from the show.

According to Fairplay, when he went to Palau to film for Survivor, his fiancée Michelle Deighton was already seven months pregnant...


Jeff Probst Talks ‘survivor: Micronesia ‘

Survivor will once again display its flair for coming up with new concepts in its upcoming season. Executive producer Mark Burnett scrapped out the original idea of having a second All Stars season, and replaced it with a more exciting battle. Ten Survivor superfans will be pitted against 10 Survivor players of the past. All of them will be heading to the exotic island of Palau , where season 10 took place. In a conference call with the media, Jeff Probst shared more details on the much-awaited reality TV show.

Jeff Probst said that choosing among the millions of fans became a tough job for the producers as they wanted to find the biggest, super hardcore fans. Probst mentioned Kathy as one example...