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Newfoundland Cottages- The Lodges at Humber Valley Resort

Newfoundland and Labrador is the home of adventure. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can cruise the island with its varied adventure tours. Discover the amazing possibilities for enjoying an exhilarating vacation in this beautiful Atlantic Province.

Cruising for Adventure in Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador is synonymous with outdoor adventure. One doesn’t need to go far to find the fun. Yet if you fancy a cruise, this Atlantic Province can deliver in fine style.
Adventure Cruises
. ‘Adventure Newfoundland’
This cruise allows you to study whales, explore the Viking Trail, discover Southern Labrador, or experience other unique adventures.
. ‘Southern Labrador Adventure’
With the “Southern Labrador Adventure,” tourists can tag along with a nat...


Your new travel guide?Rosanne Tona opens New Brunswick Resort Maps franchise



The map will include all key destinations in the greater New Brunswick area.

Resort Maps are colorful, hand-drawn maps of towns and cities, distributed free to area visitors at travel information and rest areas as well as at advertiser locations. The New Brunswick map will highlight local attractions and things to do, restaurants, festivals and fairs, accommodations, retail shops, real estate and other services. Each advertiser on the map will be represented with a display ad surrounding the perimeter of the map, including a color-coded grid locator and their actual building hand-drawn, highlighted and labeled, making it easy to locate.

“As a college town, there are always people from outside the area coming to New...


Caribbean 5 Star Resort

If you’re lucky enough to actually be searching for a Caribbean 5 star resort with the intent to buy, then you’re already heading in the right direction for sumptuous and exotic travel. The Caribbean is one of the most celebrated holiday destinations in the world, and yet for the most part has managed to remain both wonderfully unspoilt and secluded.

Pegged between Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea is home to some 7,000 islands, most of which can be found running in a long arc along the east side of the sea...


The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Good Caribbean Resort


So you just decided that you’d like to vacation in the beautiful, sunny, and tropical Caribbean. This is a big decision and a great one! But wait because your decision making isn’t done yet. Now you need to decide which Caribbean resort you want to stay at. Your resort choice is important because it has the potential to make or break your trip. For that reason, you want to decide wisely. For help with making that decision, keep reading on for some helpful tips.

DO closely examine all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. If you aren’t an avid traveler, you might be unfamiliar with all-inclusive resorts. After all, it is rare to find a hotel or resort in the United States with all-inclusive status. One look at these great Caribbean resorts and you are sure to like what you see...