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Survivor: Philippines

by teodorico t. haresco


The Philippines is a survivor, surmounting challenges on our own in past centuries, without outside help. Leapfrogs in progress, achieved despite cultural, political, or economic hindrances, show we can weather turmoil. This certainly applies in the current global economic meltdown. Characteristically, we will survive.


Formed in early 16th century colonial times, when formerly united coastal peoples in Sumatra, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, and Sulu-Mindanao broke from an archipelagic whole into separate states – the latter becoming part of the Philippines. As one of Asia’s youngest members in this Pacific Century, we stand to gain the most, being the most resilient, having learned from our older “siblings”.




Philippines – 10 Fun Things to Do in Metro Manila

The Philippines is a beautiful country with it’s many wonderful things to explore. Tourists and travelers from around the globe loves to visit the Philippines regularly to get the chance to see the beauty of this country and get along with the friendly and very welcoming Pinoys.

Manila, being the Philippine Islands’ capital is the most visited and the first stop for many tourists where the International airport is located. There are many fascinating places to see in manila, and surely have lots of things to do. Everyone will definitely enjoy their trip to the Philippines and they’ll s certainly be back for more. Though there are so many things one can do in Manila, here are the top ten things one cannot resist to do while in the country’s capital:

1. Sightseeing – there a...


The Best of Southeast Asia – The Philippines

The Philippines are one of Southeast Asia’s premier tourist destinations. Consisting of more than seventy-one islands and the largest concentration of animal species for their size in the world, it’s a nature lovers dream. The numerous coral reefs and white sand beaches are perfect for those looking to enjoy the warm tropical weather and go swimming, snorkeling, diving or just sit back and relax while your enjoying a nice cold drink on the beach.

The Philippines have a lot more to offer though. The Spanish settled here in 1565 and there are Cathedrals here dating back to the 16th century. These Cathedrals are still used today...


Dapitan – the Shrine City of the Philippines

Dapitan, which used to be a sleepy town in Zamboanga Peninsula, has become one of the booming destinations in the Philippines. With improvements in the tourism and public transport sectors, Dapitan City has been put in the list of premier tourist hotspots in most Philippine travel guides. The city attracts foreign and local holidaymakers with its rich blend of natural and historical attractions. Dapitan is called the Shrine City of the Philippines because only in a single privious year, it welcomed tourists at a record number of 300,000.


Located some 650 kilometers from Manila, Dapitan served as the exile home of Dr. Jose Rizal from July 17, 1892 to July 31, 1896...


Travel Tips For Cebu, Philippines

Like many places, coming to Cebu, Philippines will end up over paying or having things go wrong because the local people know you are a tourist and unlikely to have an idea of the price structures. Therefore, most major resorts will offer a shuttle service and often at little or no cost. You know that some taxi drivers can make two or even three times the normal amount if you don’t care the meter to be put on when entering a taxi and leave. Going across the road at Mactan airport and up the ramp is also a good tip because the taxis are less likely to give you problems purely to look for rides back to the City. But you may tip the driver at late night if they don’t ask for extra.


If your not pre-booked into accommodation and looking for something a bit more long term bu...


Experience Worldclass Travel And Vacation Destination- Philippines

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. The Philippines is the second largest archipelago in the world, after Indonesia, and enjoys a healthy tropical climate. There are many islands located in the Philippines, and one of them is the Boracay, which covers three kilometers of white beach.

The charm and beauty of the Philippines has always mesmerized travelers and vacationers. The Philippines also boasts as one of the top three best diving destinations as well aside from Palau and the Maldives.
Palawan has natural gas fields on the northeastern part of the island but the beautiful beaches around the island are still maintained. There are so many types of places to visit in the Philippines that it’s hard to enumerate each and every one of them...