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Cut Down Economic Cost Of Solid Waste Pollution In Palau Through Dumpster Rental

Palau is the Island nation in the Pacific Ocean, known for its natural environment. The natural environment of the island entitles it to support fishing and tourism industry. Sustainability of natural environment is very important for the island to sustain its economy. With the intention to sustain quality of the natural environment of the island, government is spending huge amount on solid waste management issues, a major reason for solid waste generation in Palau.

Solid waste is nothing but the unwanted junk that is emitted from the industries and junk piled up on the completion of major projects like construction, home renovation; yard cleanup and commercial clean up...


Qabili Palau Recipe ? How to Make a Perfect Afghan dish

Qabili Palau is widely regarded as Afghanistan’s national dish. It is best describe as rice cooked in a broth-like sauce, then baked in an oven and topped with julienned carrots, raisins and chopped nuts. If meat is added, it’s usually lamb, chicken or beef; the meat will be covered by the rice.

The most important step towards any good palau is the rice; use the best Basmati rice you can find, and don’t be cheap about it. The rice should be cooked so that is neither dry nor wet: sticky rice is a big no-no. If you’ve spoiled the rice, it’s better to make another batch than to continue; all the Afghan people will thank you for it.

The Ingredients:

3 cups Basmati Rice

10 chicken pieces (drumsticks and top portion of wings are great! Alternatively – used lamb)

2 yell...