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Durban Beaches – Hints and Tips on the best beaches north of Durban, South Africa

Durban Beaches – Hints and Tips on the best beaches north of Durban, South Africa.
So you are visiting Durban and want to know which are the best beaches to visit? Have a go at the southern beaches especially if you are interested in surfing but for more family orientated beaches  travel further north and you will come across the very family orientated Umhlanga Rocks Village.

The beaches of Umhlanga allow you to explore the beautiful rock pools with your family. Umhlanga’s beaches offer you a huge variety from surfing to exploring the rock pools. Visit the main beach or walk further along to Bronze Beach to surf and body board in shark protected and life guarded beaches...


Visiting North Dakota on Your Next Road Trip

Travel North Dakota 
by adunt

North Dakota, “The Flickertail State,” stretches from the rugged Badlands and verdant prairies to Missouri River waterways and farmlands, gardens and gentle valleys. It’s a place of great natural beauty.

In this state’s southwestern Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park was established to honor Roosevelt’s significant conservation efforts and his high personal regard for the area. His namesake national park has two portions accessible from either Medora or Watford City. The northern side contains forested lands punctuated with towering buttes; the South section displays a more weathered, layered look that reflects millions of years of wind, rain, and the gradual effects of the Little Missouri River...


RV Travel Fun In North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most versatile states in the country. This is meant in the sense that is possible to see and do so much in North Carolina. To the east is the North Carolina coast and to the west are the mountains. We will cover both areas as well as a few areas in-between. Before we get to that, though, wouldn’t it be nice to see all of North Carolina from your home? You don’t think this is possible, do you? If that’s the case, then you are not familiar with RVing. However, if this is the case, then you already know that your RV is your home. For some people it might be a second home, but it’s still your home, nonetheless. And if you’re planning a journey in which you will RV through North Carolina, you have made a wise choice...


Visit Niagara Falls in North America

Niagara Falls, which lies on the Niagara River and on the border between upstate New York in the US and Ontario in Canada, is considered as one of most favored tourist sites on the North American continent. Actually, there are three separate falls: America Falls located between Prospect Point and Luna Island, Bridal Veil Falls positioned between Luna Island and Goat Island, and Horseshoe falls situated between Goat Island and Table Rock. The first two falls are attributed to the US in terms of their principal location, while Horseshoe falls are predominantly situated in Canada, albeit around one third is located over the US border.


In terms of volume of water, Niagara Falls, which was formed in the last Ice Age, is the second biggest waterfall in the wo...


Alberta – A Scenic Treasure in North Montana

To be honest, my family vacations do not always bring back good memories. Long hours in the car with the smell of gasoline were not pleasant at all. As I grow up, I realize that we could have had great time without all the troubles if we had not travel so far. A travel to Canada can bring you a vacation with little or no travel-related problems eventhough you will need a passport if you plan to fly. An American passport application form is available online and one should be completed for you as well as your family members.


Now don’t let the thought of having to have a passport scare you. It is so easy thanks to online passport services available as close as your computer...


Saskatchewan – Neighbor At The North Waiting For Your Visit

A special family vacation does not necessarily means you have to travel to somewhere really far away. Canada, our nearest neighbor to the north, is an amazing country for your whole family to experience. The important thing is that you do not even have to fly to get there. In fact, if you want to drive to Saskatchewan, a Canadian province, what you need is onl to invest in a passport card as opposed to a whole passport. Nevertheless, most people would rather fly, thus you will need a passport. If you want to make sure that you can get your passport quickly and on time, download your own online US passport application.


In the past, the thought of getting a passport may have caused a lot of stress due to all the rules and regulations involved...


North Cyprus Weddings

What’s more a better way to visit Northern Cyprus through Direct Traveller! Every season we bring you the concept of cheap holidays to Cyprus by providing you with comprehensive information that includes the benefits of journeying there, the facilities being provided either in the flights, at hotels or at the beach hotels. Expect a high level of customer service wherever you go. If you visiting Kyrenia, then you can book a hotel for accommodating yourself at any one of the hotels in Kyrenia. Most of the hotels there near to tourist attractions that includes major ones like Kyrenia Castle and Kyrenia Harbour.


Easter holidays in Cyprus can be realised in the best way when you select Direct Traveller as your tour operator...


North Dakota Relocation Information

Moorhead, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota Relocation Information

When it comes to moving to a new town, there are a lot of things that can get you stressed out. There are so many things that you need to prepare for when it comes to the relocation, that you can often forget about some important aspects of the move. Something that many people forget to do is learn about the town they are moving to. If you haven’t visited where you are moving to, you may want to find out some information about it so that he can be prepared before you get there. If you are moving to Fargo, North Dakota, there are many things that you can learn. Find Fargo, North Dakota relocation information so that you know about these things.

Some of the most important Fargo, North Dakota relocation informat...


A Guide On Flights To North America

North America is a wonderful continent to visit as it is a land of many contrasts. North America is a diverse blend of cultures with a fascinating history that shaped it to the vibrant and colorful continent it is today. When you visit North America, you can visit such popular tourist destinations as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York New Orleans, San Francisco, and Mexico City. Each city has its own distinct flavour and attractions. As well, you learn a lot about North America by visiting such wonders as the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Wild West, and ancient civilizations of Mexico. Below is a guide on flights to North America.

Because Canada and the US are the largest countries in North America, You will have access to an extensive selectio...


Travel Tips to follow in North America

One of the most beautiful continents in the world as well as one of the largest continents in the world in terms of population and land mass. North America consists of most varied landscapes along with most diverse weather conditions. As North America covers a lot of area it is normal that it has varied weather conditions with countries like Canada becoming freezing cold in winter and on the other end countries like Mexico not having that much cold. If you wish to visit North America then it is better in summer as it is suitable with temperature wise as well as prices wise. The cost varies from region to region and thus it is advisable to check everything prior to the travel.

Places to visit

North America is full of exciting places to visit...