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Top Five Places Not to Miss When You Travel to Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri – not to be confused with the other Kansas City, Kansas – is a vibrant and historically rich city that does indeed have many amazing places to see and things to do if you are visiting. Located roughly 250 miles west of St. Louis, set right on the border of Kansas, this city is one of the only cities in the United States that is actually positioned on two state borders, the Kansas side and the Missouri side. It is important to note that the Missouri side is where all of the fun and excitement occurs, from the revitalized downtown area, the many museums and the historical districts, not forgetting the rich history of this great city. On the Kansas side, the city consists mostly of suburbs and is actually lacking in any areas of real interest.

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Backpacking in Central America: Places Never to Miss

For the serious adventurers out there, nothing beats backpacking with friends or for hardcore ones, backpacking all by yourself. The thrill of discovering things, places and people cannot surpass any other tour package out there. And for those who love to rough it out, instead of going for the convenient and easy traveling by air, one can take the road from North America to Central America through Mexico and then to Belize.

This is the best way to see a whole lot more in a sincere and truthful angle instead of having tourism hide the ugly parts. In any case, this is the best way to get to know the people more. After Mexico, the country of Belize is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the entire Central American region.

Belize is a country that ...