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Holidays and festivals in Argentina

This festival is one of the longest running festivals and has been taking place on an annual basis since 1961. The festival is witness to some of the most popular musicians and dancers within Argentina. It typically takes place in January.

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Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is an exciting festival in Argentina, in which festival attendees can witness the tango dance in its original Argentina birthplace.

The festival is held in Buenos Aires and was initially run in 1999.

The festival is not limited to tango performances of celebrated dancers within Argentina, but instead is all encompassing and well known dancers from across the globe per...


South Africa Holidays

Planning to go on vacations with your family or friend or with that special someone, then why not travel to one of the most popular tourist destination in the world South Africa.

South Africa is known for its wildlife safaris, stunning beaches, beautiful cities, award-winning wines, superb scenery, lively nightlife and great cuisine. There is a lot to see and do in this diverse country. South Africa holidays are the best option for people who are looking for some adventure and thrill as you can also get yourself indulged in crocodile cave diving, whale watching, vineyard visiting, bungee jumping, canoeing, mountain climbing, hot air ballooning and various other exciting activities. Your vacations in South Africa are incomplete without the wildlife safari...


South Africa Holidays

A country to inspire
South Africa is well endowed with a wide variety of experiences to explore. From watching the big five in one of the worlds biggest national parks to enjoying a relaxing time at our blue flag beaches to surfing at some of the worlds best super tubes. You can choose to sift through our unmatched cultural and wine routes or you can opt to learn a lot through world heritage sites. You can watch whales doing acrobatics at the worlds whale watching capital or come up close and personal with the great whites or simply take part in any of the endless adrenalin pumping adventure sports that are on offer in the air, sea or on land...


Travel Tips For Scottish Golf Holidays

Our trip went very smoothly, thanks to Dave Saunders at LondonGolf who arranged the whole thing. He did a spectacular job and, in general, everything went as planned. We did learn some things along the way that may be of help to anyone else interested in making the journey to golf’s mecca. In no particular order…

If you’re a Scotch drinker and want to enjoy it while you’re there (as we did), definitely buy some at a store or distillery in Scotland. If you plan to take some home, it’s a better deal to buy it at the Duty Free shop at the airport...


The Highlights and Low Sites of Peru Holidays

Travel Peru
by @ravi

From the Mountains to the Plain

One of the most relaxed tours of Peru that you can take is a trip on the Andean Explorer Train, which follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to gentler Andean plains at Lake Titicaca, a journey of 240 miles. The train is run by the Orient Express company, and has an open-air observation car for taking the best photographs of the view.
It is a picturesque way to reach to Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border with Bolivia.

Peru Holidays on the Lake

At Titicaca you can explore the city of Puno, with its archaeological sites. From Puno you can take excursions to see the various island cultures on the lake, such as the Uros, where communities live on artificial floating islands over the water...


Argentina Holidays Destinations and Travel Guide for Argentina

One of the second largest countries, in South America, Argentina is one of the popular holiday spots. The picturesque Andes Mountain range render the country it scenic beauty. You can also find the Falkland Islands that has sparse civilization scattered around. The West Falkland coastline is what attracts the tourist the most. Holidays in Argentina would comprise of sightseeing as well outdoor activities. Two of the most famous tourist activities are wildlife cruising and bird watching. Amongst the wild life you can watch the some of the rare species of yellow eyes penguins, giant petrels and the elephant seals. The beaches in Argentina too attract many tourists from various places.

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Safari Holidays in Africa Offers a Lifetime Experience

Travel Africa
by feztoo

Planning a holiday with the family can be a daunting task as there are so many attractive holiday destinations around the world. If looking for an adventurous holidays, then safari holidays in Africa is one of the best options that one can opt for. It offers the much needed break from the hectic city life and an opportunity to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.


African safari holidays offer the travelers an unforgettable experience and perfect way to enjoy the lush green beauty along with its extensive wildlife. Africa is a mystic land of rich cultures, scenic splendor, and unparallel wildlife. Home to rich flora and fauna, this holiday destination is the paradise for travelers, especially nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and adventurers...


Cheap Travel Tips – Petra Jordan Holidays

One always starts and ends the travel with the words ‘cheap travel’ which could indeed become reality, but it really needn’t be the case for travelers on a budget!

With a mindful planning, you could always manage the less can indeed be more in the world of cheap travel which will add extra enjoyment at the end of your memorable tour. The saved money in your pocket will also inspire you for next early tour

The first thing when it’s talked about cheap travel is to plan more wisely. The huge budget of traveling will be good transport and comfortable accommodation that follows the biggest savings.

Advance booking with budget airlines can save big money as can checking your traveling dates and times around your preferred time of travel...


Indonesia Holidays, With Some Ideas and Guides to Traveling Around Indonesia

by tnarik

There’s A LOT more to Indonesia holidays than beautiful beaches, water sports and cheap colourful markets — but there doesn’t have to be. If Indonesia holiday-makers look past these tropical treats they’ll find a lush jungle wilderness in Sumatra, the gateway to a rich ancient culture at Borobudur, and communities with thriving traditional lifestyles. And that’s all without having to leave the main island, Java.

Each of Indonesia’s 17,000 smaller island has its own treasures beyond the surf and sand, and most Indonesia holidays allow for some time ‘off shore’, staying on perennial favourite Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok, or one of the Gilis or other small resort islands.

Most international flights land in Jakarta, so most Indonesia holidays begin on Java, an island of still sm...


Peru Tours And Brazil Holidays Bring South America Back On The Travel Agenda

Did you know that South America is one of the world’s most desirable destinations? Peru tours, Brazil holidays and Argentine adventures – they all offer more opportunities for genuine luxury travel than probably anywhere else in the world. South America as a whole has that unique combination of top end infrastructure (luxury hotels; vineyards; spectacular sites of special scientific interest) and charming local colour: enough sights, smells and sounds to count as a real travelling experience and enough really beautiful and attentive places to stay in to count as a top flight holiday.

If you’re interested in mixing travel and holiday in South America, we’ve a few ideas that might just be up your street. Peru tours, for example...