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Seeing Hawaii For People With Disabilities

If you have mobility issues and believe that seeing the beauties of Hawaii is beyond your capabilities, think again! The islands welcome millions of visitors each and every year and local companies provide the services and equipment necessary to allow those who have trouble getting around on their own to feel welcome and truly experience the sites up close. Here are some options available to help you get around along with some travel tips to make your visit more enjoyable.

Equipment Rental

Home care companies on the islands are well-versed in providing for the needs of folks with special needs of all types. Generally, a representative will meet you at a pre-designated area in the airport and have everything you’ve ordered prepped and ready to go...


Hawaii Travel – Top Five Places of Things to See and Do When in Hawaii (Big Island)

Hawaii has a lot to offer visitors, from active volcanoes, to vast Kona coffee plantations, art galleries, farmers markets, and even exclusive black sand beaches formed by eroded magma from underground volcanoes. If you find yourself on your way to the Big Island, perhaps this top five list of places to see and things to do will better help you to decide how to spend your time when in this truly exceptional tropical paradise in the pacific.

Waipio Valley: At the tip of the northern Hamakua Coast you will find this plush, serene and relatively untouched valley that is truly a spectacle for the eyes. This amazing valley was the home to the famed Hawaiian King Kamehameha during his youth, appropriately dubbed “The Valley of the Kings...


Hawaii Travel Tips: It All Starts with Coffee

Hawaii is not only home to beautiful beaches and tropical getaways, but it is also the home of Kona Coffee, a rare and expensive type of coffee beans. These coffee beans are coveted by coffee lovers worldwide because they are grown in a small Hawaiian region that offers fertile soil, gentle afternoon rain, natural cloud cover, soothing wind, and sunny mornings to further develop the flavor of the coffee beans.

And as beautiful as that sounds, the location of Kona, Hawaii, is just as tropical and refreshing for a vacation destination. You will be able to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer, and you can even pick up some traditional 100% Kona Coffee while you are at it. Kona is a small town located on the big island of Hawaii, and it has a warm climate year-round...


Best of the Big Island in Hawaii

I will never forget the smell of plumerias after going to the Big Island! As soon as you get off the plane, you are engulfed by the lovely smell. The warm rays caressed my face while the gentle trade winds blew. At that moment I knew I had found paradise.

My mom is originally from Oahu, but moved to the Big Island in 1996. I have been visiting her regularly for the passed thirteen years. In that time I have learned a lot about the Big Island. I know where to look for lava, where to look for black sand beaches, where to find turtles, and how to find magical green sand. In this article I will be outlining the best features that the Big Island has to offer.

Getting There
The best way to travel to the Big Island is by plane...


Planning your Hawaii Honeymoon Travel

Many newlyweds dream of going into a Hawaii honeymoon travel. If you are one of them, you can arrange such an outing even if you are in the heart of Wisconsin. But to make it more memorable, you have to make sure that the person who will handle the planning has what it takes to make your dream honeymoon a success. The various activities and private moments that will never come again should be perfectly recorded in photos, which you could browse years ahead in the future to bring back the memories of the wonderful event. The whole setup should be simple but fun, thus taking away the stress that you could have when planning a wedding.

To be successful a Hawaii honeymoon travel, every event leading to it must be perfectly planned...


Travel Packages To Hawaii

People visit Hawaii through travel packages are attracted by blue lagoons and golden beaches, soaring volcanoes and spectacular waterfalls, rich rain-forests and other hidden beauties. Hawaii islands are the closest to a paradise on earth which we can imagine of, and they are often associared with exoticism, warmth and romance.Lots of new-weds buy Hawaii travel packages as this place is the most spectacular travel destination they can have to start their journey together through life.

Some travelers to this part of the world are just after the beauty of the ocean and the great swell of the waters that makes surfing a joy. Even if you don’t surf, there are so many natural attractions, that it’s impossible not to feel enthusiastic about the surroundings...


Planning Your Hawaii Golf Vacation

Do you enjoy golfing as a hobby? If you do, have you ever considered taking a Hawaii golf vacation? Although many tourists visit Hawaii to take in the beauty of the islands and to participate in beach related activities, many come to golf. In fact, did you know that Hawaii is known as one of the best destinations for golf vacations?

If and when you decide that you would like to take a Hawaii golf vacation, it is important that you start making your Hawaii travel arrangements right away. As previously stated, Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for golf vacations and golfing is and activity enjoyed by making locals. To ensure that you have the Hawaii golf vacation of your dreams, you will want to start making your Hawaii travel plans right away.

Speaking of your Hawaii t...