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The Abnormal Festivals in Japan.

Travel JAPAN
by saeru

Japan is a strange country with lots of abnormal habitudes and today I`ll show you some interesting things about it.

Each summer day from 1st july to 15th you can hear shouting voice of OHYEEZA full of the street and with the sound you can see bands of man raising a decoration like a mount with their butt naked. Other people stand beside the road sides and keep on Throwing the water from the barrel to those naked men. Once they are splashed the voices turn to be louder and louder. This is the naked butt festival in Japan.

Well, if you say the naked butt is quite normal i would like to introduce you another funny day in Japan – the belly button day. On this day people paint different colors arround their belly button and are stripped to the waist...


Holidays and festivals in Argentina

This festival is one of the longest running festivals and has been taking place on an annual basis since 1961. The festival is witness to some of the most popular musicians and dancers within Argentina. It typically takes place in January.

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Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is an exciting festival in Argentina, in which festival attendees can witness the tango dance in its original Argentina birthplace.

The festival is held in Buenos Aires and was initially run in 1999.

The festival is not limited to tango performances of celebrated dancers within Argentina, but instead is all encompassing and well known dancers from across the globe per...


Bangladesh A Country Of Festivals

Flights to Bangladesh have been unique in their own kind. You get to visit a place which is rich in culture, full of friendly people, delicious cuisine, and worth traveling if you need to enjoy some couth number of festivals and celebrations because it is the misc. celebrations and festivals which play main role in the lives of Bangladeshi people. These activities are a true depiction of Bangladeshi culture, and one gets to see a place which is rich in culture, and have got vast cultural concepts which are persevered, and transferred from generation to generation and no matter how busy one is, the natives do enjoy these events with full passion, excitement, and joy this is for what many people look out for cheap flights to Bangladesh...