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Top Five Places Not to Miss When You Travel to Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri – not to be confused with the other Kansas City, Kansas – is a vibrant and historically rich city that does indeed have many amazing places to see and things to do if you are visiting. Located roughly 250 miles west of St. Louis, set right on the border of Kansas, this city is one of the only cities in the United States that is actually positioned on two state borders, the Kansas side and the Missouri side. It is important to note that the Missouri side is where all of the fun and excitement occurs, from the revitalized downtown area, the many museums and the historical districts, not forgetting the rich history of this great city. On the Kansas side, the city consists mostly of suburbs and is actually lacking in any areas of real interest.

During t...


Boca Raton City Guide and Travel Tips

Boca Raton is the city situated deep southern eastern part of the Florida. The city is so beautiful. It is full paradise that consists of historic buildings, museums, and interesting sightseeing opportunities.The city has Spanish relevance. It is the place that is mostly visited by the tourist. It is worthy saying that the bread and butter of the people of the city are the tourism.

City attractions

The city does have lot of attractions for tourists and travelers to explore out. Some of them are listed below:

? Theme Parks,
? Tours, Museums,
? National Parks,
? Historic Sites & More

Tourists all over the world really get lured by visiting the city. It is worth to explore the city. The tourists and the travelers mostly go for bicycles and car rentals to go long the seashore.



Arlington City Guide and Travel Tips

Located in the northern Snohomish County, Arlington city is roughly 40 miles north of Seattle. The area covered by the city is 8.2 square miles. In the south of Arlington there exists The City of Marysville and in south west the Tulalip Indian Reservation is there. The city is bounded by the flood plains in north and the Stillaguamish River. The city is sub urban and rural residential. In the central portions of the city Light industrial and manufacturing business are located.

This not so big city is still luring the tourists to its attractions. Arlington city have those things that are worth visiting. If you ever go in the Arlington city then you may experience the city at its best...


The Capital City of Japan

There are many places in Japan which are widely popular among all the visitors, travelers or tourists and some of its cities are very beautifully constructed and represents a very glorious and glamorous outlook to attract the attention of travelers. If you have not visited any of the destinations in Japan then you should plan to travel to Tokyo first because this capital city is really inspiring beside any other city. There are almost 47 prefectures in the state but the structure and management of those prefectures represents a look of a city or a metropolitan area. There are many small cities, villages and towns in this dazzling city as most of its buildings are quite similar to those in the United States as the design seems to be quite similar...


City Focus : Virginia Beach

Virginia’s largest city, Virginia Beach is the perfect getaway for a group of any size that wants to enjoy the luxury of the beach and city while taking in significant historical sights along with both natural and technological marvels. Virginia Beach offers limitless relaxation and fun, with over 12 miles of public

beach and three miles of boardwalk. The city also is seeped in historical significance and offers many ways to learn about history and science, making

Virginia Beach the perfect place to revitalize your spirit and invigorate your mind.

A new exhibit at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia (CAC) will showcase the Magna Carta along with the Emancipation Proclamation, an early broadside of the Declaration of Independence and original notes from the draft...


The Beautiful Port City Of Mobile Alabama

Mobile is a port city in Alabama located in the middle of Gulf Coast. The main attractions include food, art and architecture and culture. All of it reflects the legacy left by the many travelers that passed through city shores many centuries back.

Mobile is easily accessible with direct flights from Dallas, Memphis, Cincinnati, Houston, Orlando and Charlotte. The city has three regional airports called Mobile Regional Airport, Pensacola Regional Airport and the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. These airports serve the international as well as interstate passengers arriving at Mobile.

There are many car rental agencies available at these airports that take the travelers to the Mobile downtown. The Mobile downtown is less than an hour’s drive from these airports...


Central Europe’s best city breaks

In the boom years of the late 1990s and 2000s, a widening airline network combined with vast disposable incomes led to the rising popularity of the city break with many British travellers. But while Western European destinations like Dublin, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam became firm favourites, some Central European locations were slower to pick up on the traffic of people hoping to see the best a city had to offer in just a few days. Now that the UK seems to be emerging from the recession, the number of people taking city breaks may see another peak. If you missed Central Europe’s great cities the first time round, here’s a round-up of the best for 2011...


Dapitan – the Shrine City of the Philippines

Dapitan, which used to be a sleepy town in Zamboanga Peninsula, has become one of the booming destinations in the Philippines. With improvements in the tourism and public transport sectors, Dapitan City has been put in the list of premier tourist hotspots in most Philippine travel guides. The city attracts foreign and local holidaymakers with its rich blend of natural and historical attractions. Dapitan is called the Shrine City of the Philippines because only in a single privious year, it welcomed tourists at a record number of 300,000.


Located some 650 kilometers from Manila, Dapitan served as the exile home of Dr. Jose Rizal from July 17, 1892 to July 31, 1896...


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Lyon Dubai City

Lyon Dubai City is a large project developed by the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The expected completion time is set for 2016-2017. The project requires the merging of Dubai and Lyons, and many partnerships between the two cities. Construction is expected to begin in 2010.

It was during a trip to Lyon, a promoter Buti Saeed al-Gandhi, fell in love with the capital of Gaul. His dreams of initial dream of constructing Dubai Open, was to be an area which recreated the special atmosphere unique to the city of Lyon as well as some of its notable buildings.

Buti Saeed al-Gandhi did not want his project can to be compared to the monuments of Las Vegas, where small bits of famous cities were reconstructed along the famous “Strip”...


A Travel Guide to Free Activities in Quebec City

Quebec is the only Canadian province that has French as its official language. It has numerous natural landscapes and historic sites. Consider some traveling tips to Quebec for maximum pleasure during your stay.

Quebec is a peaceful province in Central Canada. Throughout the country, it is the only province whose official language is French due to its predominant French-speaking population. Aside from this, the Civil Law Legal System is a French tradition and is strongly practiced in this province.

Quebec is the largest province of Canada according to land area. It also ranks the second largest as the country’s administrative division. The larger portion is Nunavut.

Quebec is bordered by James Bay, Hudson Bay and Ontario to the west...