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Essential Advice You Need Before You Travel To Brazil

Travel Brazil
by ferax

So you want to go to Brazil? Have you heard of the pretty girls the sun beaches and nighlife?. Well its all true Brazil is the place for a party but I am going to throw some caution on your enthusiasm for the place. Why am I doing this you may say, well its all in the name of promoting Brazil.

Brazil is a great place to buy property, find a relaxing lifestyle and to live. The advice I am going to give you is real and you will not find it in a glossy travel guide to Brazil.

It is the real deal, so listen up: you need to know this. Have fun, party, enjoy yourself, but use your head. If you are going to spend the night with that lovely young lady, well go right ahead! First make sure that she is really a young lady and not something else- unless that is what you want...


Brazil Travel Guide – The Rodeo Battle of Boiadeiros

Travel Brazil
by Eli C

Ranch life and expert horsemanship are central to many cultures and customs in cattle farming regions of Latin America and the spectacle of a rodeo fiesta is often the highlight of many a South America vacation.

Nowhere is this more so than in the Brazilian city of Barretos during the Festa do Peao de Boiadeiro, held every year between 20 and 30 of August. The rodeo draws thousands of spectators and should be a definite feature during any Brazil travel experience.

During the course of the rodeo, the city transforms itself into a buzzing festival of entertainment – sport, culture, folklore and art are centred on the shows of cowboys, horses and bulls.

The “Festival of Cowboys” began in 1955 and has now been organized for over 50 years by the Os Inpendentes Social Club...


Ten travel tips for Brasilia, Brazil

Travel Brazil
by ferax

If you are planning to book Flights to Brazil, here are a few tips you must know:

Unlike other countries round the globe, where capital is the magnet and hub of top airlines and international arrivals, Brazil’s busiest city is Rio De Jeneiro. Flights to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil are mostly taken from Rio or Sao Paulo.
The concentration of more tourists is directed to Rio De Jeneiro and mostly, low cost airlines offer cheap flights to Rio De Jeneiro as the city is immensely popular for introducing Brazilian carnival worldwide and is laced with multi-attractions throughout its longitude.
The oldest city and business district in Brazil is Sao Paulo and therefore it is the second city after Rio for which you should always opt for advance reservation as last minutes flights get ...


?Rio? – Travel to Brazil with Blu macaw

“Rio” is another 3D animated film by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios. Directed by Carlos, the comedy adventure film is about Blue, a rare macaw at a zoo in Minnesota. He believes he is the last of his kind. When he finds out that there is an existence of Jewel, a female macaw, Blu leaves behind everything in his convenient cage and flies to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to meet her. However, the journey is not as simple as he thought. Many challenges come up and Jewel is an independent brave macaw. Both of them are involved in a new adventure where they know more about friendship, love, courage and broaden their view of life. Wait until April 8, 2011 for “Rio”.


The film is set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforests of Brazil


Blu is a...


Budget Travel Guide to Praia Da Pipa, Brazil

Though there are a lot of great beach spots in the North East, like Jericoacoara or Canoa Quebrada, Praia da Pipa rivals the best of them. It’s one of the nicest beaches in the North East. The white sand beaches and sparkling blue water, ringed by high cliffs and tropical palms will blow you away.

Pipa is famous for it’s hammering beach parties. It’s not hard to hit the town here, Pipa is small and it’s full of life. Despite this, it’s got a great relaxed vibe, so if you just need a place to relax for a week, or even just a few days, Praia da Pipa is a great option.

With all the possibilities in Pipa it attracts every kind of person from all over the world...


Peru Tours And Brazil Holidays Bring South America Back On The Travel Agenda

Did you know that South America is one of the world’s most desirable destinations? Peru tours, Brazil holidays and Argentine adventures – they all offer more opportunities for genuine luxury travel than probably anywhere else in the world. South America as a whole has that unique combination of top end infrastructure (luxury hotels; vineyards; spectacular sites of special scientific interest) and charming local colour: enough sights, smells and sounds to count as a real travelling experience and enough really beautiful and attentive places to stay in to count as a top flight holiday.

If you’re interested in mixing travel and holiday in South America, we’ve a few ideas that might just be up your street. Peru tours, for example...


New Brazil Visa Requirements

A Brazil visa is mandatory for U.S. citizens who plan to visit Brazil for any purpose, whether for tourism or business, work or study. Recently, new requirements have been established by the Brazilian government. Applicants need to be aware of these requirements and plan accordingly in order to avoid complications with travel plans.

The first new requirement is that applicants must complete the Brazil visa application form electronically. The form can no longer be downloaded, printed and completed in ink. Completing the electronic visa application is quite easy. The form is hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When applicants first attempt to visit the site, a warning will appear stating that the site uses an unknown certificate...


Brazil Travel Guide – Top 5 Events to Catch on a Brazil Vacation

Latin America’s party-loving spirit is famous the world over and the continent offers some of the best fiestas, festivals and spectacles in the world. This is especially the case in Brazil, where barely a week goes by without a celebration. Coincide your Brazil vacation with one of the following events and you’ll be sure to take some lasting Brazil travel memories home with you.

Note that these events and many others are immensely popular for domestic and international tourists and you may need to plan ahead since during peak season Brazil hotels and transportation will become booked up well in advance.

From mid to the end of February

Any list of events for a Brazil vacation has to begin with Carnival...


Brazil Vacation

Tourism in Brazil is an increasingly expanding sector with more and more people deciding to travel around the country every year, and when you take a closer look at the country you know why, with its tropical rainforests, immense wildlife, varying cultures and perfect beaches coupled with local friendliness and colourfulness.

Brazil is a vast country covering over 8 million square kilometres of land; it also has the world’s fifth largest population with over 187 million residents. The pure vastness of the country means the climate is very different in different areas of the country; some areas even have their own eco systems, for example the Amazon Rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most visited city in terms of tourism and is the second most populated city in the country ...


Travel Guide To Manaus, Brazil

Travel Brazil
by Eli C

Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state Amazonas, located where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon. Considered to be the largest city in the northern part of Brazil housing more than 2 million inhabitants, the city of Manaus is one of the most tourist friendly cities in Latin America.

Due to its location, Manaus quickly became an important transportation hub. Ocean ships sail upstream in the Amazon dock and stop to leave valuable commodities and take away Amazonian riches such as wood, leather, and rubber. The constant trade helped the city became a major economical centre and one of the most developed cities in Brazil. Today, major international enterprises have opened factories and storage facilities fueling the growth of the city.

The city is filled with great sites to visit...