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Essential Tips To Take Under consideration When Travelling To Argentina

Twenty-four hours on a bus can dull the senses of even probably the most scam-wary traveller. My boyfriend Joe and I were in the final month of a six-month globe trip. It had been my birthday and as a result of extraordinarily negative planning we’d just invested it on a cramped and smelly coach travelling.

We have been desperate for any hot bath and a lie-down and had booked a half respectable resort in Microcentral. We all knew the particular lodge was just a few blocks from the bus station in our weary state agreed that it had been a few blocks too many and decided to catch a cab. We had been on the tight budget, but catching a taxi was hardly a splurge for foreigners in Argentina...


Holidays and festivals in Argentina

This festival is one of the longest running festivals and has been taking place on an annual basis since 1961. The festival is witness to some of the most popular musicians and dancers within Argentina. It typically takes place in January.

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Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is an exciting festival in Argentina, in which festival attendees can witness the tango dance in its original Argentina birthplace.

The festival is held in Buenos Aires and was initially run in 1999.

The festival is not limited to tango performances of celebrated dancers within Argentina, but instead is all encompassing and well known dancers from across the globe per...


Experience Amazing Travel Destinations in Argentina

Argentina is the land with a number of natural resources and thus developed into a desired destination to nearly all vacationers who are the priests of beauty. In addition, the valuable cultural heritage offered by this South American country helps it to be a vacationers’ attraction for all.

Tourist spots in Argentina pull a lot of vacationers from all sections of the world due to its interesting characteristic. Argentina has a lot of things in place for visitors be it the astonishing attractions completed by beautiful scenery or other amazing places like the lowest positions of South America. The country is also the gateway to one of the most amazing spots in the world which is Antarctica.

The country can be classified into four tourist regions – Buenos Aires, Central Regio...


Argentina Travel Guide – Beneath Buenos Aires

Most travelers visiting Buenos Aires during their Argentina vacation spend their time occupied with the city’s enchanting atmosphere, rich culture and grand architecture. What lies beneath their feet might seem much less interesting.

But one of the city’s most fascinating – and little known – places is actually hidden deep underground in Buenos Aires’ colonial San Telmo district, and it is below the foundations of a 178 year old mansion that you’ll find one of the most unusual museums during your entire Argentina travel experience.

El Zanjon de Granados is a subterranean window into Buenos Aires’ long history, revealing how life in the city has changed since it was first established by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Mendoza in the 16th century.

A labyrinth of tunnels, passages and vario...


Argentina Holidays Destinations and Travel Guide for Argentina

One of the second largest countries, in South America, Argentina is one of the popular holiday spots. The picturesque Andes Mountain range render the country it scenic beauty. You can also find the Falkland Islands that has sparse civilization scattered around. The West Falkland coastline is what attracts the tourist the most. Holidays in Argentina would comprise of sightseeing as well outdoor activities. Two of the most famous tourist activities are wildlife cruising and bird watching. Amongst the wild life you can watch the some of the rare species of yellow eyes penguins, giant petrels and the elephant seals. The beaches in Argentina too attract many tourists from various places.

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Major 10 Travel Tips For Argentina

Need some tips prior to your trip to Argentina? This top ten travel tips will assist you to decide when to go Argentina, how and what to do when there and which are the best hotels in Argentina.

These travel tips are specified to help you maximize your vacation in Argentina.

1) Check the Weather conditions

Argentina is actually a big place which inevitably indicates a number of different local climate types. You have to be wise about when to head to Argentina as the local weather may make or break your trip. Do not forget that due to the fact Argentina is at the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. Spring falls in September to November, summer time falls in December to February, autumn falls in March to May and winter months falls in June to August...


Argentina Travel: Mendoza Wine Tours

Wine enthusiasts who have already toured Napa and Sonoma valleys in northern California, uncorked bottles in the Champagne region of France, and tasted wine in Tuscany, may want to head to Mendoza in Argentina for a unique tasting adventure in the Andes. Mendoza, like many wine producing regions, is startlingly beautiful.  The area is dry and sunny, full of lakes and rivers, and blessed with the snow capped Andes as a backdrop.

The high altitude and extreme variance in temperature produce some of the best wines in the Americas...


Fishing In Argentina

Go fishing in Argentina! It presents some of the finest fishing spots on the earth. You can find all your sport fishing or fly fishing wishes here in Argentina and go home with a full belly and many more tall tales of your most recent fishing trip to the dynamic country of Argentina. For this reason you’ll be able to arrange your stay in some of the marvelous hotels in Argentina.

Be sure to bear in mind that the best time to fish is during the warmer summer season months. The very best place to go fishing in Argentina is in the Patagonia Place, in which you will find all the trout and salmon you could ever eat. You’ll find other exotic fish here as well which include: wolf fish and mullets. Perhaps streams, rivers and lagoons aren’t your thing...


Travel To South America and Discover the Treasures of Argentina and Bolivia

by dinilu

For many travellers, who are not unknown for touring several countries during his time in South America. The path runs between general gringo Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which then branches between Chile, Argentina and Brazil, depending on individual preferences. For this reason, one of the most popular ways is travelling between Bolivia and Argentina as the transition point between the northern half and South of the continent. What makes these two countries requested destinations?

Bolivia: Located in the Centre of its neighbours, as the medium-son of a family, is often underestimated as a destination, but undeservedly...