Sweden Best Beaches

Sweden is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund. Most of Sweden has temperate climate with four distinct seasons and mild temperature throughout the year. It mainly hosts three climates oceanic climate, humid continental climate and subarctic climate.

It is warm and drier than other countries based on same latitude; because of its high latitude length of daylight varies greatly. Snowfall occurs from December through March in Southern Sweden.

Smedsuddsbadet: Smedsuddsbadet is really sandy beach, located near capital. “Located on Kungsholmen (metro: Fridhemsplan) by the calm waters of Riddarfjärden, the beach is very popular with locals and is perfect for al fresco lunching.” Says thelocalse.

Skutberget: located on northern shore of Lake Vanern, this is well known beach in Karlstad. You can enjoy accompanying background like football, mountain biking, hiking and sauna and playground for kids.

Varamon: You like to be there having cafes, restaurants and ice cream kiosks frontline beaches. You will have water sports like windsurfing, volleyballs and kayaking. “The “Pearl of Vättern” in Motala boasts 80 more hours of sun on average per year than the rest of the country.” Says Varamon.

Tylösand: This is 7km long sand beach, having its golf course and Hotell Tylosand. It had small houses, which have been converted to expensive villas preferred by famous and rich families. You will have tons of restaurants, fast food stands and ice cream vendors, trade in area.

Skanör-Falsterbo: You will have rocking nightlife with nightclubs, jazz. Children can enjoy with its shallow waters.Upmarket seaside resort links the white windswept beaches of these Skanian twin towns.

Ribersborg: “Real city beach in downtown Malmö with wooden piers jutting out into shallow waters. 
Ribersborg has everything a visitor could need for pure relaxation: from restaurants, showers, green areas and barbecues to the famous old bathing house.” Says thelocal.

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