Places to Visit in Bulgaria

by NatBat

Located between Greece and Romania, Bulgaria is an often overlooked travel destination. This is a pity, though, since there is a wealth of beautiful and interesting Bulgaria attractions.

Valley of the Thracian Kings – The valley of Kazanluk, also known as the Rose Valley, is the site of impressive tombs and burial mounds, the most famous of which is the Kazanluk Tomb. Along with the lavishly decorated Sveshtari Tomb near the town of Isperih, the Kazanluk Tomb has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most popular Bulgaria attractions.

Rila Monastery – Like the Kazanluk Tomb, the Rila Monastery is also a World Heritage Site. Built in the 10th century, the monastery is not just a spiritual centre, but also a striking architectural feat and a literary centre situated amidst the beautiful natural scenery of the Rila Mountain.

Aside from the Rila Monastery, the Assumption Bochkava Monastery near the Chaya River is worth visiting, too, as well as the Rozhen Monastery on the slopes of Mount Pirin, which was once a famous calligraphic school.

Church of Saint Sophia – Bulgaria also has remarkable old churches, the most famous of which is the Church of Saint Sophia located in the capital city of Sofia. The church has a long history which includes being transformed into a mosque during the Turkish occupation and being destroyed by earthquakes in the 19th century. The Saint Trinity Church in the Komshtitza Village is worth seeing, too.

Roman Ampitheatre – Plovdiv is the third largest city in Bulgaria, as well as an ancient city known for its magnificent architectural feats, particularly the Roman Ampitheatre. Dating back to the 2nd century, the Roman Ampitheatre is currently the stage for many of the country’s large-scale musical performances. It is also located near other Bulgaria attractions in Plovdiv, such as the Balabanov House and the Museum of Icons.

Pirin National Park – When it comes to natural attractions, Bulgaria has a lot to offer, too, such as the Pirin National Park, which is another World Heritage Site in Bulgaria. This park is the site of two nature reserves which are homes to over 3,000 species of plants and animals, many of which are endangered. Other natural attractions in Bulgaria include the Belogradchik rock formations and the Strandzha Nature park, the largest national park in Bulgaria.

Black Sea Coast – If you want to soak up the sun and the sand on the beach, you can do so at one of the seaside resorts in Bulgaria. In fact, these resorts, particularly Sunny Beach, are what most tourists come to Bulgaria for. It is just one reason to visit Bulgaria, though, since, as you just learned, there are many other awesome Bulgaria attractions you should definitely see at least once in a lifetime.

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