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Most people travelling to Peru love to fit in a visit to the mysterious and famous Nazca Lines south of Lima. However, they aren’t sure what to expect from the town itself. Nazca is located in a dry, arid desert region full of mountain views and sweeping desert vistas. Most visitors wonder whether to stay, in town or in the suburb. Despite having a few attractions, also restaurants and cafes, the town of Nazca is quite small and not particularly scenic. There are a few cheap and excellent food markets where visitors probably want to enjoy the local cuisine and there are numerous tour guides offering excursions.


Budget travelers can find hotels for as cheap as $ 5 per day, although they tend to be rundown. Those looking for mid-priced options in town might want to consider Hostal Alegria or Casa Andina Classic Nazca Hotel. Both of these hotels are near the main plaza in Nazca, but offer pretty grounds, refreshing swimming pools, high-speed internet access, on-site restaurants and clean, comfortable rooms.


For those planning on relaxing for a few days in Nazca, you might want to consider splurging on one of the beautiful resorts located a few minutes outside of the city itself. Hotel Cantayo Spa & Resort is the most luxurious of all the hotels and a great place to spend a few days. This five star hotel has a helipad in case you want to helicopter in from Lima, 30 acres of gardens that produce a variety of fruits and vegetables, which guests are free to pick from the trees or sample in the acclaimed restaurant. The hotel also boasts a huge swimming pool, and many animals that are lucky enough to call this resort home.


Another great option is Hotel Majoro, a beautiful, rustic hacienda which was once a monastery. The entire property was revamped in 2005 and now has the architectural elements and charm befitting a historic building, but also the comfort and amenities of a modern hotel, combining the best of two worlds.


This overview of accommodation in Nazca was written by a Peru travel expert at Peru For Less, here to help you choose the best Peru hotels.

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