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Newfoundland and Labrador is the home of adventure. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can cruise the island with its varied adventure tours. Discover the amazing possibilities for enjoying an exhilarating vacation in this beautiful Atlantic Province.

Cruising for Adventure in Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador is synonymous with outdoor adventure. One doesn’t need to go far to find the fun. Yet if you fancy a cruise, this Atlantic Province can deliver in fine style.
Adventure Cruises
. ‘Adventure Newfoundland’
This cruise allows you to study whales, explore the Viking Trail, discover Southern Labrador, or experience other unique adventures.
. ‘Southern Labrador Adventure’
With the “Southern Labrador Adventure,” tourists can tag along with a naturalist. Travel through northern Newfoundland and southern Labrador. You can watch as a naturalist tags and catalogues humpbacks and orcas. The trip will include stops at abandoned Labrador communities as well as visits to thriving towns like historic Battle Harbour.
. ‘Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure’
This cruise involves a week-long family adventure. A group of families takes part in each cruise. They visit various attractions and enjoy numerous activities. The cruise includes a trip to North America’s largest puffin colony at Witless Bay as well as a visit to Salmonier Nature Park. Add in whale watching, zodiac rides, learning about salmon restoration, and you have one amazing adventure.
. ‘Viking Trail Experience’
The ‘Viking Trail Experience’ is an interesting adventure because it is a ‘live’ geology lesson. This cruise takes you to Gros Morne Park – a United Nations World Heritage Site. As the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada, this park is a must-see. With mountains, gorge, and glacier-carved valleys, Gros Morne is a true marvel.
. ‘My Newfoundland Adventures’
‘My Newfoundland Adventures’ in Corner Brook provides adventure tours and training programs. The adventure includes rafting, kayaking, kite surfing, and rock climbing.
. ‘Newfoundland Eco Adventure Tours’
A coastal safari and eco-adventures will meet everyone’s idea of adventure. Tourists can see whales, puffins, and bald eagles.
. ‘Canoe Hill Adventures’
Guided sea kayak tours on the Bay of Exploits make for great adventure. Kayaks are also available for rent but only experienced kayakers should try it on their own.
. ‘Northland Discovery Tours’
This St. Anthony tour is an award-winner. The adventure includes whale watching as well as iceberg tours.

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