Learn The Best Ways To Make A Money Transfer To Ukraine

You are probably not familiar with the money most often used in this country, called the hryvnia. You will need to exchange your U.S. dollars for this currency, and this can be done at banks, major hotels that feature exchange desks, or businesses that specialize in this. You should bring only crisp bills that are not torn, as it is often hard to exchange worn money for hryvnia.

You can exchange traveler’s checks for money here, but be prepared to pay a fee. Most banks charge up to 4% of the amount, and the type that is most accepted is Visa. You will need your original receipt and your passport to cash them at most banks. If you feel comfortable carrying and using traveler’s checks, they may be good to have in this country, but otherwise, do not feel compelled to use them. There are other options that you have to safely make a money transfer to Ukraine.

Most stores, hotels, and restaurants take credit and debit cards, but note that not all types are accepted everywhere. Visa and MasterCard are popular, but American Express and Discover are not accepted at most places, so be sure to have the right type. If you want to make a money transfer to Ukraine on a prepaid debit card, as many people do while on vacation, you can get out money at ATMs scattered around the country. You are most likely to find ATMs, also called bankomats here, in hotels, Metro stations, and many fast food restaurants. There are also often ATMs attached to banks, which are usually easy to find, especially in larger areas like Kiev.

Clearly, you have a few options when it comes to making a money transfer to Ukraine safely while you are on vacation. Make sure to consider which methods work best for you before you choose. This way, you will always have money while on vacation in Ukraine.

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