Jeff Probst Talks ‘survivor: Micronesia ‘

Survivor will once again display its flair for coming up with new concepts in its upcoming season. Executive producer Mark Burnett scrapped out the original idea of having a second All Stars season, and replaced it with a more exciting battle. Ten Survivor superfans will be pitted against 10 Survivor players of the past. All of them will be heading to the exotic island of Palau , where season 10 took place. In a conference call with the media, Jeff Probst shared more details on the much-awaited reality TV show.

Jeff Probst said that choosing among the millions of fans became a tough job for the producers as they wanted to find the biggest, super hardcore fans. Probst mentioned Kathy as one example. He said Kathy caught their attention because she applied 7 times, she knows everybody that ever played in the Survivor history, and she wants to play. According to Probst, the first time the fans met the favorites was very much like a rock concert. The get-together sent all the fans screaming and cheering, forgetting that they were there to compete.

It wasn’t also easy choosing the 10 fan favorites. Probst admit that he personally wants Shane Powers and Yul Kwon back. They also invited Tom Westman but he refused, saying that he doesn’t want to ruin the good image he had. He also admitted that he was at first skeptical about bringing in Johnny Fairplay because of his marriage, the newborn baby and all that stuff. But in the end, Probst was satisfied that they got exactly what they wanted and what they deserved for bringing him back.

Before the conference ended, Probst shared some good news. Accoridng to him, Survivor will be having two more seasons and he will be staying on the show. Asked on what made him decide to come back for those seasons, Probst cheerfully answered: “I travel the world, I get to host and produce one of the most fascinating television shows, and I make more than any other college dropout should get paid. For me, it was an easy decision!”

For more resources about Survivor or for the full story of Jeff Probst Talks ‘Survivor: Micronesia ‘ please review

For more resources about Survivor or for the full story of Jeff Probst Talks ‘Survivor: Micronesia ‘ please review

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