Homecoming – Guinea Pig Care

The First Days:

The first couple of days that you bring your new guinea pig (s) to their new home you’ll be very tempted to pick up, hold and cuddle them.  However, as much as you want to it’s a good idea to put that off right now.  Consider your pet’s perspective and this is a new place for them to be and it’s scary for them right now.  They need to get acquainted to their brand-new environment and get used to having you around.

It’s best to give them some time to get acquainted to their surroundings and their new life.  Try to not make any sudden noises around them for a while as they need their own time and space to get acquainted to everything.


It’s a very good idea that before bringing them home that your new guinea pig/pigs have a place in which they can hide.  Each guinea pig needs their own space for this.  That way there will be no fighting between them.  
Have you ever caught yourself yet hovering over their cage?  Shadowing every move they make?  If you do this or have done this you will scare the dickens out of them.  
 Instead of hovering over them, kneel down next to their cage at eye level and observe them while they are playing.  This will show them that you can be trusted not to hurt them.  That you are more of a someone they can trust rather than a enemy.


Bribery is the easiest way to teach your pet to learn to believe in you.
Bribing them will show the new pet that you want to enjoy and cuddle them.
You might be wondering what the best thing to bribe your new guinea pig with?  Goodies of course.  Each and every guinea pig has several different things they love to eat, you will have no lack of ideas for bribing tools.

Best Ways to Bribe your Guinea pig?

It’s always best to show your new pet the wonderful delicious treat that you are offering them.  After showing them the treat place it at the door of their cage, making sure the door is open.  Kneel down close to their cage door and place your hands on your legs and just be patient.  
After a period of time if your pet hasn’t taken the goody you have offered then slowly and carefully pick the treat up again.  Close the cage doorway and go out of the room.  Try doing this various times a day until your new guinea pig figures out what you are trying to do, that he will have to come to the door to get his treat.  
Every time he comes to the door move a slight bit closer to his cage.  By doing this he will eventually get used to you being there and will slowly get closer to you.  
Don’t be surprised if he is a little bit shy but eventually he will accept the treat from your hand.  If you show him enough patience he will start to accept taking the treat from your hand.  He won’t be alarmed to hurry and leap showing his excitement at seeing you coming.  

Picking Your Guinea Pig Up

Never use the treats as a way to pick up your new guinea pig.  This will cause the connection of trust you have built up to lesson and could very easily damage your new relationship.  
Instead, gain trust by snuggling and caring for your new pet.  Show him that you are a friend and not a foe.  Recall that in the wilderness, someone like you might eat up this pitiful little baby.  

The Actual Holding

Be very careful when picking your guinea pig up.  Their little bodies are small and you could harm their breathing if not handled correctly.
Gently place your hand under the guinea pigs stomach and support his back end as you assist him up.  Do not hold him/her to tightly and instead hold them very gently.  Remember to support their whole bodies.  
Tiny youngsters should always have an grownup present when holding a guinea pig.  This will ensure that they are not dropped or held to tightly.

Relaxing Your Pet

When you are first learning to hold and cuddle your new guinea pig you need to do this in a silent room.  Make sure all is quiet in the room you choose.  Have your goody ready and see if you can get them to take it while on your lap.
If you show enough patience eventually he will do this when he sees that you are loving him at the same time.  Eventually he will see you and start squealing as you come close.  

Jodi Adams is an Author and Guinea Pig Enuthaist. For more information on Guinea Pig Care check out the website at http://www.Guinea-Pig-Pets.com and see you soon!

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