Food on the Go – Travel Tips

It’s simple enough to grab food on the road, but you never know what you are really going to get unless you plan ahead. Sure you can pull over and eat at a chain, there are always plenty of McD’s, KFC’s and Wendy’s to satisfy even the biggest and hungriest of kids, but there is nothing worse than looking at another 10 hours on the road and enjoying that peculiar sensation which comes from digesting fast food!

The best way to eat on the go is to plan what you are going to be eating before you get behind the wheel. Eating out is expensive even when it’s junk food, but it’s not just the financial cost but your health too. Make your trip finances go farther and enjoy good, quality food which may cost more when you do dine out but which will leave you fitter and healthier.

Make a Food Shopping List

It sounds so silly but it’s very true – make a food shopping list just for your trip. You want to get your groceries in for making your food and snacks before you set off but you should also plan on what you are going to buy once you get to where you’re staying.

Make sure you stock up on foods which don’t require cooking – fruit is ideal as a snack, but then savory snacks can be created out of vegetables and plenty of other options at the grocery store.

There is a huge difference between a well prepared sandwich packed with fresh meats and greens compared to a limp sub at the gas station – it will cost you a lot less and taste a whole lot better!

Research Food Online

Check out what food outlets and stores are available along your route and at your destination. Planning your trip should take into consideration what you are all going to be eating and not just the scenery!

Sometimes going a little off the beaten track can pay dividends too – planning on where you will stop for a meal and some rest will enhance your enjoyment much more.

Food Equipment for Travel

There are some basic items you should remember to take with you on the road – you’ll never be lost without them:

– Knife, fork and spoon;
– Plastic containers for storing food or putting doggy bag and leftovers away;
– Travel mug;
– Wet wipes and kitchen roll;
– Water;
– Sweetener or sugar; and
– Salt and pepper.

Stick to Bland and “Known” Foods While Traveling

When you’re a hundred miles from the nearest rest stop, now may not be the time to start sampling new cuisine! Be sensible about what you eat while on the road because your digestion and stomach will be stressed by an extended road trip. You can avoid getting an upset stomach or indigestion by sticking to foods you already are familiar with and if you do have a sensitive stomach, stick to bland foods. Always have plenty of water because this will help settle any upset and help your digestion.

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