Discovering 7 Famous Places Worth Seeing in Budapest Hungary

Many people, especially those who love traveling, do not know much about Budapet – a very beautiful capitals in Hungary, Europe. The fact is that you will never be able to find any country in the world like Hungary. And Budapest is the among this country’s treasures that you should not miss seeing.


1. The Royal Castle – One of the most popular Budapest attractions is the Royal Palace. Built in the thirteen hundreds, this massive structure has a history that goes back quite a ways, and the castle includes a number of different building styles and architectural influences. Hungary travel information for the castle is widely available because of the high popularity it enjoys for visitors.


2. Matthias Church – Mathias Church, formally known as the Church of Our Lady, is one of the most visited and well known Budapest attractions. More than seven hundred years have passed since this church was first constructed, and it is still used for Mass and other events today. The unique and elaborate architecture of the church as well as the fascinating history draw visitors from all around the world.


3. Budapest House of Parliament – Hungary travel information concerning popular attractions always lists the Budapest House of Parliament, which is right on the Danube River. This is a very imposing and regal structure which is massive, and contains many treasures and wondrous sights. A tour will allow you to see the interior and many of the treasures, including the crown of the first Hungarian king from more than one thousand years ago.


4. The Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum – One of the most famous Budapest attractions is the Great Synagogue And Jewish Museum. This attraction is listed in all the Hungary travel information because of the historical significance. The location is the former Jewish ghetto during WWII, and the synagogue is the second biggest in the world, with the capability to seat thousands of people.


5. Fisherman Bastion – One of the most exquisite out of all the popular and famous Budapest attractions is the Fisherman Bastion. The seven turrets are all extremely ornamental, and although constructed for the defense of the area by the fishermen they were never actually used in battle. There are stairways, cloisters, and many other features that make this attraction a must see.


6. Thermal Baths – All of the brochures and booklets with Hungary travel information mention the thermal spas in the area, and just how much of a treat these are for visitors. These thermal spa waters are considered healing, and people come from all over the world to soak in them.


7. St. Stephen’s Basilica – The largest church in the entire country, this is one of the more unique Budapest attractions in another way, one that may not always be mentioned in the Hungary travel information. This church is the location of the mummified hand of St. Stephen, who happened to be the first ruler of the country, and the right hand is considered a religious relic.


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