Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the latest and a best one improvement in the field of air conditioning. If you have to render all the rooms of your home or office air conditioned separately, as opposed with central air conditioning it is a major task. Of course you would have to purchase and install more than one air conditioner. And if you avoid the botheration and expenditure and render only one room air conditioned and you consider it sufficient, you are unable to enjoy the same atmosphere in the kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms if any.

The first option for central air conditioning is an air conditioning through a split system. While adopting this option you have to locate the condenser and compressor in an outdoor unit. All condensers and compressors are consolidated into a single outdoor unit which is placed on the ground having a sufficient space of air or roof is used which is considered fit so for as the availability of the required air is concerned. The second option is the unit consists upon the ducts used for the distribution of the cool or heat to more than one room. Also the unit consists upon the pipes supplying the chilled water to more than one room. For this unit no specific electrical outlet is required for plugging.

The third one is a branch of the second option which is called mini-ducts system. In this system high velocity air is passed through the ducts specifically round and flexible with hoses of about 2 inches diameter. According to the principle of aspiration, the higher velocity air mixes in the room air perfectly and by eliminating unwanted temperature gives the requisite environment. Due to high velocity air a noise can be expected there but it is controlled through the use of sound attenuators.

Installation of high velocity air system is an easy one because the tubes used in this system are flexible and also available in different lengths. There is no inconvenience in the installation due to the turns in the rooms because of flexibility and smallness of the tubes. Due to flow of high velocity air into the tubes no chance is there for clogs in the tubes due to dust etc.

With the passage of time the second option has became very common due to its more benefits as compared with the first one. The shape of installation of this unit is completely different from the split system unit. This system properly keeps the space cooled or heat up regularly. Moreover this is cheaper than split system unit. Installation of this system is also beautiful and easier one.

The tubes used in the installation of this system deliver the air in the different parts of the room. Moreover this air is filtered by the system. While the air conditioner is in running position the cycle of filtered air repeats continually. The removal of the dust, lint and polluting particles is a very useful quality of this system. The condenser unit of this system is located outside the home hence the noise is not

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