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Have no worries about how are you going to spend your summer or spring vacations. It is supposed to be a real break for you, so stop the bother and just hang on to what all inclusive vacation deals have in store for you.The Grand Canyon is an amazing place, so I have dreamed to visit it since I was a little girl. And I has fulfilled my dream in June this year.


I live in New York, but I have never been to Washington D.C. But last Sunday I had a nice day in the capital. That was really a great city, Life gets monotonous if we don’t take care of few minor things to shape our life. We follow a regular routine. The last thought that comes in our mind before going to bed is to get up early the next day and go to work.


The Broadway theatre chain features some of the great theatres around th...


The Highlights and Low Sites of Peru Holidays

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by @ravi

From the Mountains to the Plain

One of the most relaxed tours of Peru that you can take is a trip on the Andean Explorer Train, which follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to gentler Andean plains at Lake Titicaca, a journey of 240 miles. The train is run by the Orient Express company, and has an open-air observation car for taking the best photographs of the view.
It is a picturesque way to reach to Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border with Bolivia.

Peru Holidays on the Lake

At Titicaca you can explore the city of Puno, with its archaeological sites. From Puno you can take excursions to see the various island cultures on the lake, such as the Uros, where communities live on artificial floating islands over the water...


Habanero Chiles? Health Benefits

There are many myths against the consumption of habanero chile. People ignore the numerous benefits they could cause to human being health. Here are some of them:

All chilli peppers contain phytochemicals substances called capsaicinoids that produce capsicum. The capsicum is the ingredient that gives heat intensity when habanero chili peppers are ingested or applied topically.
When habanero chile is consumed, it binds with the mouth and throat which are the pain receptors of the heat. Once it is transmitted to the brain, it responds to this burning sensation by increasing heart rate perspiration and releasing body’s natural endorphin.
Researches have shown that habanero chiles may have some beneficial properties as an anticoagulant...


Thermal Springs in Peru – 3 Places to Unwind on Vacation

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by yujai

Wherever there is hot, recently formed igneous rock and volcanic activity, there are thermal springs. Sometimes resort areas or spas have developed around these areas offering mud baths, mineral water baths and massages while others have remained in their natural state. Either way, thermal springs offer travelers a respite from their busy days of vacation. Here are three of the best know Peruvian thermal springs for you to consider if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath heated by mother nature.

Spa fit for a King
One of the more well-known thermal springs are the Inca Baths of Cajamarca. The Baths are located about 4 miles east of the city of Cajamarca, which is 8,900 feet above sea level and has a population of 135,000 people...


Experience Amazing Travel Destinations in Argentina

Argentina is the land with a number of natural resources and thus developed into a desired destination to nearly all vacationers who are the priests of beauty. In addition, the valuable cultural heritage offered by this South American country helps it to be a vacationers’ attraction for all.

Tourist spots in Argentina pull a lot of vacationers from all sections of the world due to its interesting characteristic. Argentina has a lot of things in place for visitors be it the astonishing attractions completed by beautiful scenery or other amazing places like the lowest positions of South America. The country is also the gateway to one of the most amazing spots in the world which is Antarctica.

The country can be classified into four tourist regions – Buenos Aires, Central Regio...


Argentina Travel Guide – Beneath Buenos Aires

Most travelers visiting Buenos Aires during their Argentina vacation spend their time occupied with the city’s enchanting atmosphere, rich culture and grand architecture. What lies beneath their feet might seem much less interesting.

But one of the city’s most fascinating – and little known – places is actually hidden deep underground in Buenos Aires’ colonial San Telmo district, and it is below the foundations of a 178 year old mansion that you’ll find one of the most unusual museums during your entire Argentina travel experience.

El Zanjon de Granados is a subterranean window into Buenos Aires’ long history, revealing how life in the city has changed since it was first established by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Mendoza in the 16th century.

A labyrinth of tunnels, passages and vario...


Colombia Tours Open Up An Ancient Forgotten World

Colombia tours company and specialist travel company is dedicated to creating magnificent holiday experiences whilst sustaining, supporting and encouraging the development and promotion of responsible tourism within this diverse and ancient land.

The founding father of Colombia Tours and travel company Santiago Duarte believes in building a tourism industry that respects local regulations, values and customs and this philosophy runs deeply through the fundamental essence of the company and well informed and knowledgeable staff.

With an office in Sydney, Australia and a local office in Bogota, Colombia, the goal and ambition of the company is to organise memorable Colombia vacations while at the same time helping to preserve sen...


Hatch Green Chile

Harvey Morrow and I were driving through the fields of Hatch, New Mexico. I do not know that at the time, but the Morrow family owns hundreds of acres in southern New Mexico Valley, enough to become the best producer in the chiles, onions and other staples. Of course, I was interested in green chili, and check out my decision, I would have driven 1000 miles to discuss my dreams, starting with the delicatessen business. Morrow Farms only place for me.

“So, y’all want to get into the business in Chile.” He commented.

I did. My wife was to create a green chile sauce in our kitchen in California and it was worth bottling. As a guy who built a baseball, knowing the fans will come, I was confident we could corner the market some of the gourmet sauce.

Harvey Morrow was a soft spoken ...


Brazil Travel Guide – The Rodeo Battle of Boiadeiros

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by Eli C

Ranch life and expert horsemanship are central to many cultures and customs in cattle farming regions of Latin America and the spectacle of a rodeo fiesta is often the highlight of many a South America vacation.

Nowhere is this more so than in the Brazilian city of Barretos during the Festa do Peao de Boiadeiro, held every year between 20 and 30 of August. The rodeo draws thousands of spectators and should be a definite feature during any Brazil travel experience.

During the course of the rodeo, the city transforms itself into a buzzing festival of entertainment – sport, culture, folklore and art are centred on the shows of cowboys, horses and bulls.

The “Festival of Cowboys” began in 1955 and has now been organized for over 50 years by the Os Inpendentes Social Club...


Chile – Gay-Friendly Location

If you want to travel to the South Pacific and enjoy the warm and beatiful beaches, then you will not be disappointed when visiting Chile. This long trip of coastal land wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains offers you some of the most famous beaches in South America. In addtion, the capital city of Santiago is very gay friendly.


This narrow land mass borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, plus the Drake Passage at the country’s southernmost tip and stretches 2700 miles along the Southwestern coast of South America. It is only 150 miles deep at its widest point and the majestic Andes mountain range creates a natural border separating it from neighboring Argentina and Bolivia...