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Taba and Taba Heights – Travel Tips

With the pound at an all time low against the euro. Many people are looking further away than their traditional holiday favourites such as Spain or Greece. To destinations outside the eurozone . And have decided this year to explore further afield to less expensive destinations such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Egypt.

Most holidaymakers have heard of, or know someone who has visited Marmaris in Turkey,Sharm el Sheik in Egypt or even Sunny beach in Bulgaria.But all these countries have lesser known but equally attractive resorts. One of these is the resort of Taba which also includes nearby Taba heights on the Red sea riviera, Egypt.

Taba and Taba heights are fairly new resorts that consist of large resort hotels such as the the Hilton, Sheraton and Movenpick.

There is very li...


Safety Tips For Traveling in a Car

Traveling in a car can be great fun. Remaining safe should be a number one priority. Use these tips to be safe:

? Before making any trip, have your car checked by a mechanic. A breakdown can ruin your trip.
? Never let your car run out of gas.
? Always keep your doors locked and windows up.
? Plan you route in advance. Do not allow yourself to get lost.
? Do not drive alone (if you can) – especially in unfamiliar territory or at night.
? Never ever pick up hitchhikers.
? If suspect that you are being followed – go to a well lit open business and call 911. Under no circumstances should you go home.
? Always keep purses (and other valuables) out of view. Do not keep them on the passenger’s seat. Keep your valuables in the trunk or on the floorboard on the passenger’s side.
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Travel Guide and Tips For Tourists

When you are traveling it is really hard to get around in your new place. When you are a tourist, you will be amongst a world you have never been and you need some help getting around and protecting your things. There are many tips for tourists. With the many tourists that travel abroad every day, there is a need of helping out the foreigners when they visit other countries. Tourists are the easiest targets of theft and abuse. To be open to your surroundings will allow for you to learn of the customs and cultures of the country you are visiting. Here are some tips for tourists just like you:
1. Buy a language book– Getting a book of the language you are visiting is a good idea for the reason that you may have a person who doesn’t speak your language...


Vegan Traveler Meal Planning Tips

Being away from home can make business travel and vacation challenging and stressful for anyone who’s trying to eat healthy. This is particularly so for new vegans who are still trying to adjust to a diet without animal products but may have fewer alternatives than usual. However, given the fact that business travel is often necessary for our jobs, and most people enjoy going somewhere new for vacation, at least occasionally, how does the vegan or aspiring vegan deal with eating away from home?

Below are some tips for business and vacation situations:

1. Business travel–Eat as much healthy (whole-grain, low-fat and minimal refined sugar) vegan foods you can at those meals where you have the most control over the venue...


Tips On Travelling In Caracas

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is the place where you can find historical significant, religious sites and spectacular landscapes. This article will give you some guidelines before visiting this city.



Those who want to enjoy nature’s bounty can straight away head to the ‘Parque Nacional El Avila’, the national park. The park is situated in a hilly terrain and offers a spectacular view of the plains below. The park is also rich in its variety of flora and fauna. The climate here is mostly salubrious, in general, through the Venezuelan climate is notorious for its fickle nature.


No visit to Caracas is complete without visiting the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo, which has some of the finest collections of art...


Travel Tips You Should Never Forget

Are you ready to travel? Being unsure on what to do and what to expect once you reach your destination can actually raise your anxiety and panic. You dont want that to happen and spoil the opportunity to enjoy the trip. Thus, you better heed to these tips:

1. Check your travel requirements. You dont want to mess up with the immigration. You can just imagine the horror of being deported, detained, or interrogated for such a long time. Before you even board the plane, make sure you can have your visas and passports ready. Read about the entry requirements. How long are you allowed to stay? Where can you get these travel visas and passports? How much should you pay?

2. Know the place extremely well. How much do you know the location? Though some would find it exhilaratin...


Top Travel Tips For Tanzania Safari

This is very good for you if you want to visit Tanzania safari and a tour that should not leave this wonderful opportunity of your life. Here you can learn the best tips on safari Tanzania journey which is very useful for you. Tanzania safari is one of the most interesting places to visit in Africa.

For one, if youre going there to photograph the best views of the wildlife, you should know that the best lighting is during the morning and the afternoon. Make sure you schedule your tanzania safari tours during these times so you wont lose out on all the great sights. You should also get a tanzania safari guide who has positioning expertise so you can drive up as close to the animals as possible without risking your safety.

They gives you time to take pictures during the...


Travel Tips For Enthusiasts

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life requires several years of hard work and with no vacation tends to make Jack a dull young man… When one is actually ready and asks the question of where to visit creeps in… South America, Africa, Asia… How about Europe? Spain, Italy, France… These are extremely popular vacation spots. Australia and New Zealand are also extremely popular among hikers. Or any other location requires one to get proper information of a specific region and on various tour deals offered.

You will find one million and one tour companies on the web and one would certainly get baffled as to which one of these to use for their yearned or most anticipated for vacation...


Food Travel Primer And Tips

Food travel used to be a necessity back when humans had to hunt for sustenance. Now, it’s more of a pleasure and a passion for those with an urge to satisfy their taste buds. From restaurant critics forever on the lookout for a new find to culinary learning vacations and walking foodie tours, there’s a whole new world awaiting discovery.

All the major types of food travel are listed below, but those interested should realize that it’s not just about eating or taking a city tour. This has as much to do with preparing food and learning about the culture behind each dish and place. Not to mention the pleasure of the journey and getting to know each city intimately, as opposed to flying to ten different destinations just for the tourist attractions.

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Tips for Disney World Travel

Disney World is truly one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It should not come as a surprise since this enormous theme park that stands in Orlando Florida is home to hundreds of exciting attractions and rides that would bewilder any child, even adults. If you are planning to go here for a vacation, whether short or long, it is important that you plan the trip well so that your kids will have the grandest time ever while you are here. Here are some travel tips that would help you make the most of your vacation in the House of Mouse.

Research about Disney World

The first thing you have to do would be to research about the theme park...