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Camping Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Camping on the shores of the Red Sea and diving in its warm waters year round is one of the main attractions if you are visiting or live on the west coast. Unlike the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, where the reefs are literally dived out, the Saudi side has pristine virgin reefs due to the small number of people who dive there.

Rabigh and Shuwaiba beaches are two great spots to head to for the weekend in your pop up camper or just pitch a tent or better still, sleep under the stars.

Reef sharks, manta rays, moray eels, lion fish, black carol and a vast array of other fish, including the humpback wrasse are seen on a regular basis when you are diving or snorkelling in the warm waters of the Red Sea...


Philippines – 10 Fun Things to Do in Metro Manila

The Philippines is a beautiful country with it’s many wonderful things to explore. Tourists and travelers from around the globe loves to visit the Philippines regularly to get the chance to see the beauty of this country and get along with the friendly and very welcoming Pinoys.

Manila, being the Philippine Islands’ capital is the most visited and the first stop for many tourists where the International airport is located. There are many fascinating places to see in manila, and surely have lots of things to do. Everyone will definitely enjoy their trip to the Philippines and they’ll s certainly be back for more. Though there are so many things one can do in Manila, here are the top ten things one cannot resist to do while in the country’s capital:

1. Sightseeing – there a...


Taiwan – An unusual destination with lots of excitement

Taiwan might not come across as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, but owing to its dynamism and the enthusiasm that is evident in its every part, travellers from all over the world are now turning their attention to this unorthodox Asian paradise.

Taipei: At one point in time, the streets if Taipei were crowded with taxis, buses and scooters, with the sidewalks ‘brimming’ with people in as much the negative context as one can imagine. The architecture was flawed, with no sense of planning evident. However, post-1980s, the situation began improving, and 30 years later, the city is one of the most computer savvy places in the world...


Bali Indonesia Vacation

Indulge in the Balinese locales, culture and lifestyle on a holiday and experience an ideal Bali Indonesia vacation. Being the largest touris destination in Indonesia, Bali is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance , sculpture, painting and music. So, a Bali Indonesian vacation is sure to captivate the creative artist in you.

Bali Indonesia Vacation: Nature and Culture

Enthralling locales are a must see on a Bali Indonesia vacation. You will find coral reefs surrounding the island, white sand beaches in the south and black sand beaches towards the west and north of Bali.

Bali’s wildlife includes several species of barking deer, monkeys and civets. Bali boasts 300 species of birds, including the unique Balinese Starling...


Crisis in Syria ? A Brief Overview

The crisis in Syria is blazing up like a fire, affecting every levels of the country in a significant manner. The crisis started way back in March 2011, when protests were made for the release of political prisoners in the country. The protest was immediately attacked by Syrian security forces, first detaining and attacking protestors with batons, and following with open gunfire, deploying naval ship and tanks against the civilians. Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad allegedly refused to take over the violence, and implementing reforms demanded by the protestors like broader political representation, lifting of emergency law, and freer media rights...


Vietnam Budget Travel

As travel has been made extra inexpensive, handy, and sensible, it actually has change into a staple a part of the lifestyles that so many of us lead. Journey is each instructional and inspirational. When we venture to new areas, we not only expand our private horizons, but we familiarize ourselves with necessary points of different cultures, languages, and ways of life. Travel might be instrumental to our private development and important to the way in which we see the world. Travelling to different nations might be refreshing because it permits us to get a grasp on bits of history as well as culture. Individuals, locations, and establishments in several elements of the world can really open our eyes to all different facets of life...


Singapore Travel Destination and Tourist Attractions in Singapore

The Singapore is a small island country and has a multi racial population. Singapore is located in South East Asia, at the southern most tip of Malaysia Peninsula. It is situated one degree north of Equator. The population of Singapore is about 4 millions. It occupies the tip of the peninsula and although it is an island it is connected by a cause way which allows us to start rail journeys here. Since the time of Raffles it has been the trading centre of the entire region. It is a highly developed modern city state totally unlike the rest of the archipelago. It is dedicated to commerce in all its forms and is a shoppers paradise.

Read more on Singapore Travel and Singapore Holiday Ideas. Read more on Shopping Malls in Singapore

It e is a dynamic city rich i...


Baihaba ? Golden Village between China and Kazakhstan

Baihaba, known as the “Number one Village of Northwest China”, is located alongside Haba River – the natural border between China and Kazakhstan. It maintains ancient traditions, modest customs, a primitive natural environment and original features, much the same as in centuries past. Water melted from the ice-capped mountains flows through the village, dividing the greater community into two sides. The Kazahkstan residents are on one side, and the Tuwa people are on the other. Despite of being separated by the river, the two groups get along well, sharing this fertile and bucolic land and enjoying their peaceful life.


Wooden house is a typical feature of Baihaba


The main asphalted road through Baihaba Village


The signature structure of this town is a freestan...


Consider Your Options Before You Send Money To Armenia

Armenian currency is called the Dram, and has been since the country gained independence from what was the USSR at the time. That was about 15 years ago, and this currency has only grown more stable over time. Right now, $ 1 USD equals about 386 Drams. Of course, this number changes daily so be sure to look it up before you send money to Armenia in order to send the correct amount.

One of the first places you might turn to when you want to transfer money is the bank. You could consider using your own bank, but you should also shop around to compare the rates for wire transfers at different banks. Bank of America charges $ 45 for customers to initiate an international wire transfer in American dollars, and $ 35 to do it in Armenian Drams...


Enjoy Eco-Tourism at Bintan Island, Indonesia

Bintan Island is well-known for its eco-tourism. It’s an enchanting destination with beautiful beaches and nature wonders. It has its own historical significance as it was the main trading port in South-East Asia during 16th century. If you travel Indonesia, this is the perfect place to explore Indonesian culture. This island can offer everything you wish to see during your holiday. It is largest of 3,200 islands in the Riau Archipelago and the third largest among 27 provinces in the country. The Island has a cultural mix of Malay, Bugis, Chinese and the unique tribe called Orang Laut.


Bintan Elephant Park: This is the perfect place to get a wonderful chance of getting closer to these gentle giants. It is home to seven Sumatran elephants...