Breckenridge Colorado – 3 Ways to Have Fun in the Colorado Rockies!

There are many good reasons why families want to keep coming back to Breckenridge, CO and a lot of them have nothing to do with skiing on its slopes. Here we tackle 3 activities that you, your spouse, and the little ones can do together in just one day.

1. Hot air balloon ride:

Here is one activity that you should endeavor to experience once you’re in any of the major resorts in Colorado. Up there, the views are simply one of the most breathtaking in the planet. You’ll be seeing the magnificence of The Rockies, this time, from the eyes of an eagle. Kick-start your day early because this activity begins right before sunrise. As you’re taken up to around 9,000 ft, look all around beneath you because this incredible experience will only last for about an hour. After that, you’ll be brought back safely to the ground.

2. Fly Fishing:

After a hearty lunch, get ready to reel in your biggest catch yet as guides take you to the best fishing grounds on Blue River, Colorado River, and Williams Fork River, among others. You’ll actually get more than what you’ve bargained for since a trip in any of these rivers goes through scenic spots full of western history.

With guides ready to mentor you on various fishing techniques, you don’t have to worry if you’ve never held a rod and a reel before. All transportation and equipment required for the trip are usually supplied by the outfitters, hence, all you need to do is show up. Fly fishing in the rivers near Breckenridge, CO can be done the whole year round, even during winter season. February through April is great for trout fishing. May through June is the time of year when you can expect to reel in bigger trouts. Just don’t be intimidated by the swelling rivers. July through September are also great months for fishing when Green Drakes, PMD’s, Caddis, Tricos, and Baetis start hatching abundantly.

3. Dinner Sleigh Rides:

It’s time to wrap up your fun filled-day in a relaxing ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. Now, these aren’t just ordinary horses. In fact, we bet you’ve never seen horses so huge. That’s because they’re Belgian horses; enormous, majestic-looking breeds that are one of the strongest among the heavy ones.

This also means that you can be assured of a smooth, less-rickety ride. Be charmed by the chimes of the horses’ bells as your sleigh is drawn underneath a star-filled sky until your ride ends in a warm lodge where a scrumptious dinner and the culmination of your unforgettable day in Breckenridge, CO await. 

For great all round year fun, click the below links:
Breckenridge Ski Resort is the place to go for a perfect winter (and summer) jaunt. The Breckenridge village has a variety of amenities and fun places to go. Hot tubs, indoor/outdoor pools, wireless internet access, on-site chair lifts, and arcades are just a part of the real fun at Breckenridge village. Make sure to get the right accommodations there to make your time memorable.

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