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Abetone is major Appenine ski location located in the province of Pistoia, in Tuscany, Italy. It is approximately 80 kilometres Northwest of Florence and around 49 kilometres Northwest of Pistoia. The name Abetone means ‘large fir’ in Italian. The  ski resort of Abetone is home to  51 kilometres of downhill slope skiing, in addition with 41 individual pistes, which can be accessible by its 22 lifts. The slopes of the resort spans out between the four interconnected valleys of Valle dello Scoltenna, Val di Luce, Valle di Lima and  Valle del Sestalone. These slopes constitute one of the most awesome, renowned and and scenic view of the Apennines. The pistes at Abetone will pose a great challenge, reaching at 1,800 metres, on a clear powder day.

Transportation going to Abetone is moderately accessible. There are also a few airports near the ski resort from which you can start your travel. From Pisa airport, you can access the motorway on going to Casa Marginetta, and from there, you can travel for another hour through  a clear main road to go to Abetone. On the other hand, travel time from Venice airport going to the resort would take about three hours depending on weather and road conditions. From Florence airport, the trip would last for less than two hours. From Bologna airport, you would have to make a 70-kilometre drive before you can arrive to Abetone.

There are also various ways to get to the skiing destination. The nearest rail station to Abetone is Pracchia. Bus services are also available to transport you there if you are from Pistoia, Pisa, Florence, Modena or Luca. Rental cars, taxis and ski transfer companies, whether shared or private vehicles are also very much available from any of the airports mentioned.

The attractiveness and appeal of Abetone not only relies on its panoramic view or white-covered mountains but also in its friendly accommodations and facilities. If you are a new visitor travelling to the resort, you need to book your air trip, ski transfer, and lodgings in advance. This is the best thing to do when engaging in any ski holiday. Travelling in groups than individually can also save you money because transportations and accommodations usually come in cheap packages available for multiple visitors. If your budget could allow, you can rent a private car rather than take public transportations so that it would be more convenient for you with all the bulky gears being carried.

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