A Travel through Sensational Singapore

Singapore is a small island city/country, yet vibrant like Monaco. It is a major shopping destination in Asia and easily accessible to the fashion conscious in South East Asia. It is also a business hub as it serves as a confluence of both Indian and Chinese trade and it has served as a trading post for the Asian civilizations for centuries. Today, it is the fourth largest financial center and the fifth busiest port in the world. Its airport is also an award winner and was voted the world’s best in 2006. The hospitality sector in Singapore is very well developed in order to cater to the tourist, the business man and the shopper who flock to the city every year in their millions.

Singapore has a vibrant night life, offering night clubs, exotic bars, cultural entertainment of Indian and Chinese origin, shopping malls, night safaris at the world famous Singapore Zoo, to the world’s largest fountain called the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City, the electronics hub. Because of the booming tourist industry, Singapore has some of the best world-class hotels to be found in Asia. Every major hotel chain like the Carlton and the Sheraton has a branch in Singapore to cater to the vibrant tourist and business sectors. There are also cheaper accommodations available to suit the budget traveler.

Enter the Gateway to Asia

As a gateway to Asia, Singapore has the facilities to cater to everyone, whatever their taste and budget. The beach front resorts and spas cater to the sun worshippers. The rich marine life and the coral reefs around the city attract scuba divers in large numbers. The central business district has business class hotels that offer accommodation of international standards. The arterial Orchard Road is home to some of the best hotels in Singapore, which is within easy walking distance to the famous Raffles Mall.

The hotels near the famous tourist destination of Sentosa cater mainly to those visiting the Sentosa Island. There are many attractions the island has to offer, starting with a cable car ride across the Singapore harbor to reach the resort. The aquariums facilitate watching the marine life in their natural habitat, as the aquarium is glass walled and open to the sea. The city of Singapore lives up to its reputation as a shopping Mecca and a vacationers’ paradise. Excitehotels.com offers world-class accommodation at various hotels and resorts at affordable rates to give visitors a spell of magic.

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